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  1. Try using Dolphin stable build 5.0. The Zigzagoon change is intentional because Stars wanted to switch up the Pokemon.
  2. Yeah, I had the same issue as you guys. I tried using the stable Dolphin 5.0 and the battles run. I guess it's something in the updates that are causing the freeze.
  3. Bingo, it looks like it worked. Thank you Stars! By the way, one other issue I am having trouble with is copying my save file on Dolphin emulator to the PokeXG on the console(I am using Nintendont and have XG on Wii). I did enable "MemCopy Enabler" as well as "Make Game Save Copyable" and exported a .gci save file on Dolphin, however, after copying the .gci to the console, PokeXG prompts the message: "The Memory Card in Slot A does not contain Story Mode saved data to continue from." If you or anyone here has successfully transferred their Dolphin save to Console memory card, please let me know if it's possible. Much appreciated.
  4. Hey there. First of all, major props to StarsMmd. Your project has made one of my childhood games more memorable than ever. As a fellow X D fan, I thank you for your hard work. Adding to Aurorans' question, are there Action Replay codes for the new Shadow moves you have made(i.e. Gengar's Shadow Soul). I've been experimenting with GC Forever site codes here and there. There's a section for moves that can substitute the Move Tutor's moves, so I tinkered around to substitute Shadow moves in (i.e. 016B - Shadow Fire 016C - Shadow Bolt 016D). I wondering if there are similar codes for Shadow Soul, Creep, Star, etc. Just very curious on how you pulled it off to look so crisp. Anyways, keep up the awesome work!