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  1. whatever

    Mew Editor

    Yeah, please do that!!!
  2. whatever

    Mew Editor

    What about .GROUDON files?
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZRv51OmZUM#t=337s where can i get the pokemon cafe skin? most likely a remake, but still something i'd like to get.
  4. wow, this vb code is damn hard to read... over 300 lines for this, seriously?!
  5. I found out how the font width is stored. There are three values right before the pixel data. The first one defines how much spacing there is before a character. The second one defines how wide the character data actually is, the third one is for the complete width including pre-spacing and after-spacing. For the small letter "i", these values are 00, 02, and 03.
  6. Thanks Kaarosu. Looks like they stored the font width information in a different way in this generation.
  7. Kaarosu, thanks for that. Do you still know how to extract them? Your BMPs are not 100% what I need, because the character width information is lost. Check out the blue background box for "i" and "j", they indicate there's one pixel additional space on the right side: This is the format I need the font in. Any further help is appreciated!
  8. Hello, Does anyone know which files in the B/W file system contains the fonts used in the game? Did anyone ever extract them to usable bitmaps? I need them for a project you'll soon be learning about. :creep: Thanks!
  9. why would you want to do that? cheating online is one of the most antisocial things to do
  10. please anyone give instructions how to decompress the trainer names? i'm still lost here thanks
  11. lol how would anyone be able to get it if it's not even available yet...
  12. nope, not that i know of. but it's still tbe best tool around and it works good enough.
  13. reshiram cannot be shiny
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