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  1. I'm also getting this problem when attempting to generate a Pokemon code for use on Pokemon White (not White 2). This is the generated code I've been given. Game language - English Box/slot used - B1 S1 Activation button(s) used - L+R Which target game was selected - White
  2. I was using v3.0b17, updated to v3.0b20. Since then I have not been able to save or generate Pokemon correctly. The OT field and Pokemon name field are constantly given random blanks. I just now experimented using v3.0b17 (so, downgraded) and I'm no longer experiencing this problem. It seems 20 is acting up for me. EDIT: Just tested something else. I saved my Pokemon using the older version, then closed it and opened it back up. The OT field was still filled in. I then upgraded to the newest version once again and opened the Pokemon file I just saved, and it had a blank OT field. I used the old version once more to open the exact same file again, and this time the OT field was filled in. It seems that, for some reason, the newest version isn't loading, saving, or generating the OT/Name fields correctly for me.
  3. I'm having the exact same problem. I generated 4 Pokemon and 3/4 had a blank OT, and 2/4 had a blank Name field. I double-checked every Pokemon in the program and made sure the OT and name fields were fine, and then I made the code. This is only happening as of updating to v3.0b20
  4. Thanks, I didn't see it anywhere on the site. I've got it to work just fine now.
  5. How am I to know what PID type to use?
  6. Ah, thank you. I didn't even know about trash bytes before this. And instead of posting a new thread I might as well ask it here. Can you or somebody else determine what is wrong with my Heatran? EDIT: The Latias still doesn't work. The Legality Checker now says Valid beside Trash Bytes, but my game freezes whenever I try to view the summary or send it out. RE-EDIT: The Latias works now. I changed the arrived level to 99. Seems that anything the same as my Latias(even with the fixed trash bytes) won't work on my save game anymore... heatran.pkm
  7. I'm looking to create a legit Latias with the HG/SS Pokesav. Current pkm file is attached. I need to know what I did wrong. I battled with it and somebody tried to upload the battle video, but it didn't work. After that I couldn't even view the summary of my Pokemon without it freezing. latias-2.pkm
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