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  1. Hello Drayano, I've been playing through your hack and I have to say I'm loving it a lot. The only reason I made an account was to inform you of a bug though. I'm currently playing through it catching all of the Pokemon, and I'd just come to Mt. Pyre. On floors 3/4 if you have caught/seen a haunter its whole body is hidden by the windows for the other apps on the PokeNav. So you can only see his hand sticking out from behind the utmost window. I don't know if this is intentional or not, however, I thought I would let you know since I haven't seen anyone else mention it. That being said, if you're taking suggestions for movesetsl I think it would be neat if Blaziken got ice punch like he was shown to have in some pictures on the Pokemon website from right before ORAS' release. I think it would be a neat nod to it. It isn't like he needs it, but whatever you know? Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful hack, it's really made the games a million times more enjoyable!
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