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[Black 2/White 2] Help needed with my "-----"


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Greetings, Im actually new on project pokemon forums, but, lets just get to the point...

I have a save with a Lvl255 -----(#000) with maxed manual stats, buggy name (more than 12 question marks) and some kind of weird looking grey pkrs, I was wondering if its possible to turn this pokemon into an AR code, its not actually that simple, sense its a invalid specie for pokegen + if I swap the specie (for example: bulbasaur) it will lose its Lvl 255.

any help or at least attention on this post is appreciated.

I will provide a basic B2/W2 save file with the pokemon in the first slot. thanks in advance.

PD: Im not sure if this is the correct forum, it was kind of confusing.


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