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  1. Hey Guys, I wonder how Pokemons are being changed if I transport a Pokemon from Japanese Black2 to a Gen6/7 game. For example I link a japanese "Plasma Deoxys" from a japanese Black2 cart to a europe Black2 cart. Afterwards I transfer the japanese Deoxys on the european black2 cart to poke bank and than to europe alpha sapphire on an europe 3ds. Will the name of the Pokemon change to english (not nicknamed)? Will the Pokemon remain japanese? Whats about the region location string on the main page of pkHeX (will it change to Europe and the selected nation/language)? Edit: I made a screenshot I am referring to those fields.
  2. But theoretically u can just have one for ou TID/SID combination. I am trying to RNG perfect pokemon, do you know if the save game actually have an impact of the seed generation? Otherwise I could just change the OT TID/SID? Or does this also effect the seeds and spreads ingame?
  3. Okay thank you, very much! Last but not least, does such a hax edit change the pokemon creation ingame in anyway? Are the pokemon still full legal, if caught regularly ?
  4. Is there a resource where u can look up the values of the flags and their impact?
  5. Thank you very much, I tried it with my usun save to import it into usum. It seems to work but It shows me the wrong portal (Atlar of the Sunne). How can I fix that?
  6. Is there a way to modify the save file to skip the whole story? So you can enter the "Ultra Space"? LG
  7. Hi, I just wonder if any Trainer ID is possible in Gen1 and Gen2 (GB/GBC) or if there are also impossible one like in gen3 and a couple of others. LG
  8. Hi guys, I am currently trining to get the Event pokémon from last Gen (AS). I found a program called 3DSRNG Tool: GitHub This programm allows me to show the frame I need to RNG. The problem is the desired frame is 60+ hours away. Is there a programm or way to calculate the PID/EC for the target frame? Or to skipp to the frame? (I have CFW pcalc ntr) Is the day of receiving independent or is it bound to the date I recived the WonderCard and not the pokémon? I tested wc6 card and wc6full card and the behave differently in that aspect. (Example if u recive a wonder card at 1.1.2018 but the desired frame is 48hours away, i could only recive it on the 3.1.2018 legally. (Date of reciving, Met date info in pkHax) LG
  9. I noticed some legendary pokemon with their hidden abilities are japan only. For example Dialga, Palkia, Girantina (Alpha Sapphire). I wanted to create legal ones, but I need to know if these wondercards could be recived with an US version of the game. Is it possible to receive these legendaries with US Names? Will the location date set to USA instead to Japan (First tap PKHeX)? How can i create legit PIDs for Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus from the Dream Radar. (Methode in RNG Reporter) (B2/W2)? LG
  10. Hi, I just want to know if the met date changes by transporting Pokemon from Black2/White2 via the Pokemon Transporter app. Or will the met date be unchanged? For example if I transport a event celebi, which was recived on 21/02/2011 on HeartGold and linked to Black2 change its met date to today's date? LG
  11. I believe it automatically resets the values: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_base_friendship
  12. For some reason if importing a gen 3 pkm into gen6 with pkHex the OT friendship memory is also lost.
  13. Meanwhile I figured out how the data is carried over. As far as I am concerned migrating from GENIII to GENIV does not apply any changes in one of the already mentioned values, since D/P zeroes them out. This won't apply to further iteration of GENIV (Platin) or onwards. Whatsoever, this doesn't solve my question at all nor does it help either. So what happens to the data in refurbished genIV and onwards? I guess the values 44-47 are pretty nonexistent in genVI. Nevertheless the Value 85 is default zeroed, which fulfill my case exactly. It created some confusion first but played out nicely in the end. EDIT: After rereading this I have to clear things out. With pretty nonexistence I mean the file architecture itself. Which got changed drastically in later iteration...... the pointing values does exist but changed indeed
  14. The mentioned thread brings even more complexity to the related topic. Are the values carried over to pokebank as well or will they be lost due to the file transition? (genIV/V -> genVI) You wrote that probably the encounter value need to be modified. I don't know if I got that right, but the values 44-47 are also encounter values, somehow. Values 85 should be "00 - Egg/Pal Park/Event/Honey Tree/Shaymin (D/P/Pt)" that was my suggestion at the very beginning, but this would led to some inconsistency here. Moreover all gen3 pokemons would need 00 as Value 85 as well. Since you can only transfer them through pal park. (? Clarification needed ?) The shared shaymin from the rental collection posted at this forum does not have an additional encounter set... I know it does not represent a legit Pokemon by any means but the only shaymin I found which could be legit is this...
  15. PkHex gives me the option to set an additional encounter for Pokemons migrated from platinum, however. I know Shaymin does come with an fateful encounter, but the additional encounter option makes me confused. Some of these encounters are None, Building/Enigma Stone, Cave/Hall of Origin, Dialga/Palkia,.... Most of them are self-explaining and they wont fit my case. Does Oaks letter shaymin need such an additional encounter? If it does, which is the right one to choose? Does I still need to search for a legit PID in pokegen to get a Pokemon as legit as possible? ty
  16. Faraway island Mew does lose her fateful encounter by importing from an Emerald save directly into ORAS? So theoretically the fateful encounter is lost in PAL Park? I just dragged mew out of the emerald save with PKHeX (09-18-16) and droped it directly into an ORAS file. The fateful encounter will strangely disappear. Is this a normal behavior? (legality?)
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