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  1. Hi, just here to post that I am very interested in these, as long as they can be legit as possible. Also, did you do any testing around with the actual events some people have compiled in Gen I/II save files on this site and "converting" them via a program?
  2. So does anyone have a GBA save file with these unreleased "outside of Japan Colosseum e-Reader Pokémon" on it? Would be much appreaciated.
  3. Oh......Oh..... >_< Well don't I feel dumb! I honestly forgot they didn't have one because it has been forever since I actually played a Gen III game. So I guess the "Gen III" date I'm looking for is actually the Gen IV one. Thanks for answering me!
  4. Sorry if this has been posted before. To my question: Is there anyway to see a Gen 3 Pokémon's original obtained date with said Pokémon in a Gen 4 or higher game? I'm talking specifically an Gen 3 event Pokémon's original obtained date. I have the Pokémon in a Gen 6 game, but I transferred (cloned first) from a Gen 5 and Gen 4 game, so I have the Pokémon as any of those. Is there anyway to see this via any editor of sorts? I don't have the Pokémon as Gen 3, so I can't just see it that way. Thanks.
  5. Did anyone here ever get a hold of a save with this Mew? I'd really love one of these.
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