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  1. hi, i downloaded Pokémon Dream Radar a while ago, the problem is that i don't have a gen 5 game to extract the Pokémon caught in Dream Radar, so i'm asking if the PKHeX devs can implement Dream Radar saves or if that is actually possible, thanks
  2. i'm having problems in PKHeX... i'm editing a 4th gen save, HeartGold, i exported the save from DeSmuME and opened on PKHeX, i finished editing and clicked "File > Export SAV..." i imported the save with DeSmuME and.... the game didn't changed, everything was the same... i exported the save again and opened it on pkhex, the save was modified... this was weird, so i Exported SAV again in PKHeX and imported on DeSmuME... nothing changed... this time, i exported the modified save to my SD (R4) i opened the game on my 3ds and... the save was the same, not modified.... i copied the save from the R4 to the PC and opened it on PKHeX, the save was modified summary: on PKHex, the save is modified (example, lvl.15 Bidoof changed to lvl.20) when i use this modified save on DeSmuME or an R4 the example Bidoof is changed again to lvl.15, like anything happened... help D:
  3. i got an error on Crystal: "attempted to load an unsupported file type / size. file size 32772 bytes (0x8004)" after saving on TGB Dual i read on some thread that after adding two rows of 0's the save will work but my problem is that i don't know how to add the rows of 0's i need other programs or what? pls tell me how to do that
  4. oh wait.... i will try that, change the 3ds country to Chile, the game location to Chile (on pkhex) and then, if the game shows Chile, i will change my 3ds back to usa without changing the "Chile" on Pokémon
  5. well... i tried to change the location on Trainer Editor from U.S.A. to Chile and when i import my save the location is changed back to U.S.A. .... i tested this with the latest version 09-18-16 and when i see my profile on PSS i see "U.S.A."
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