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  1. Just started my second run and look what I got: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13527[/ATTACH] almost pissed myself EDIT: I dont know why the image is big af LOL
  2. Yo stars is it good if I patch an older version of XG to the new one or do I need to get another clean rom?
  3. Hey Stars, why don't you post your game on other forums, like PokeCommunity for example, this game deserves much more love!
  4. I have to agree that the level curve is a bit steep, I myself had to grind a couple of times after seeing the first trainer on the "dungeons" was way higher leveled than me. I also think I found a bug, earlier when I got the Miror Radar or whatever it's called, I got into a fight against Miror B where he had a lvl 40 Shadow Zangoose, and later at the Cipher Key Lair Zeke had another Shadow Zangoose with him, so I'm assuming I can get two Zangoose? lol.
  5. You should check on the move Roost, it seems that you keep being Flying Type aftere you use it. Also real minor typo, in the purify chamber it says: "PC/PartY" with a capital "Y" I know it isn't much but it's something :tongue::tongue:
  6. ^^^ THISSSS I think it would be great if the stats of the pokemon drizzletoed mentioned were updated to those of their evolutions, I think it could work pretty well just make pokemon like Murkrow or Sneasel obtainable later in the game so it's more balanced that way. Also, now that we're speaking on Stats, did you mess around with some Pokemon's Stats? I think some are different but it may be just my imagination lol, anyway your hack is awesome man, have had no problems at all and it keeps surprising me, I will totally replay this on future updates.
  7. On my game the Zangoose lived like at 1 hp and got a crit on the blue guy lmao, and idk i just feel like they do way more dmg, at the cipher power rangers this shadow fire pokemon (no spoilers) shadow rushed crit my shadow electric pokemon for half hp, and they were the same level lol, I don't know maybe they're not stronger and its all in my mind.
  8. I've started playing for a little while now, everything seems to be working fine! I'm in Gateon Port and got to watch the Zeke battle vs the guy in blue, and the guy in blue lost LOOL is that supposed to happen? EDIT: Also, are shadow pokemon stronger? I feel as if I don't do much damage to them while they are wrecking me hardcore, either that or I'm just a pansy.
  9. I'll give it a try, maybe it will work with this game.
  10. Hey man, just like yesterday I was like "I can't wait for this to come out" and it's up today! You're killing me man. Just a question before I play, which emulator do you recommend? I've tried using Dolphin before on other games but it seems pretty laggy to me, do you think nintendon't will be better? Also congrats on finishing this, you must be like one of the only people to make this happen
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