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  1. You didn't include it in the change log, but is this the patch with more Shadow Pokemon?
  2. It could also be your computer, which I hope it's not. I have yet to run into a single freeze while I've played and I've been taking it slow with 16 hours before the Cipher Key Lair.
  3. Fair enough, but it used it on a Blaziken.
  4. I'm not sure if this was intended or not but the Arcanine that the Area 3 Boss used Flamethrower on it's own Pokemon? Idk if that's a bug or not, but I'm sure you know of trainers doing this
  5. I was actually trying the same thing and didn't work, so it's probably Metagross.
  6. It might've been Rain Dish but I can't confirm since I killed it the very next turn, but the slower Pokemon I had did end up outspeeding at least 2/4 Ludicolo's but I'm sure it was because of Rain Dish.
  7. From what I saw during the second Mirror B. battle, when his Shadow Pokemon comes out during the rain, it'll glitch out the rain and make it "drizzle" again and won't give the Ludicolo's the speed anymore from Swift Swim.
  8. Oh and also. When your Pokemon get paralyzed, and it tries to use a priority move, it'll act as a normal move rather than trying to go first.
  9. On the text for Leaf Storm, it says "Fires a flurry of sharp leaves." however doesn't mention about the special attack drop majorly afterwards.
  10. Lucky ducky. The only shiny I've found was a Cipher Kanga.
  11. He did up a few Pokemon stats to make them stay true to their 6th gen base stats. It might actually feel strong considering all the Pokemon that were introduced after 3rd gen had a good chance of making sure they didn't appear too strong, but when it's just 3rd gen and down with the stat upgrades, it probably feels really nice.
  12. I was thinking the same thing with all of what you said. It's really a fantastic thing to know that you care so deeply for this game and trying to make it the best for everyone. Keep up the good work, Stars :]
  13. I get what you're saying, but most of the items that are on the Shadow Pokemon are nice to have. Maybe add in some more variety to items with the Shadow Pokemon that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise and it'll not become so much of that chore? EDIT: Also to note, if we were to update the game and add more Shadow Pokemon, would we still be able to fight Mirror B at the very end of the game considering we'd need all the Shadow Pokemon catch? That's what I was thinking since the Pokemon would still be available but not catchable in that sense since the trainers would already be beat, such as the Ciphor Peons.
  14. Sorry for the double post, but if you did this, wouldn't people have to fully restart to be able to catch them considering I'd assume most people who have played are past or in Pyrite?
  15. Just asking, but would a certain bug Pokemon need the Metal Coat to evolve @ level 40 since it's a trade evolution, or just level 40?
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