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  1. From what it looks like it only seems to be happening if you're hacking stuff which you can't get naturally like shiny locks or unreleased pokemon. I just edited so I have 900 rare candies I think I should be in the clear
  2. So I've not played gen 6 for a while, apart from going on the games to get the event pokemon. I've found out that you can get banned for modifying your save data, as they can see this through game sync. So things like max pokemiles and battle points can get you banned. But can they ban you for having max rare candies and editing the nature and ivs of legendaries because that's pretty much the only hacking I do. When I go on pokemon global link it only shows pokemiles so I don't get how they could now if you have max rare candies or other items.
  3. Thanks so what you're saying is that it'll make no difference if it's gen 4 or 5? And yeah Nintendo took the GTS offline.
  4. I've looked this up before and some people say it's fine and others say that you have to deposit them on the gts and then take back the pokemon. I've also hear that you have to change the location if it's gen 5?
  5. I appreciate your help and yeah when I dragged and dropped the electrode file it showed up as invalid until I saved it on pokegen again and then opened up the game file again. The second time the trash bytes showed up as valid. You know the electrode file I attached does that show up as valid for you? Because I dropped it on the trash byte app and seems to show up as valid now
  6. Thanks for that and yeah I kind of like everything to be perfect haha. Just one more thing to clear, from what you're saying I'd just have to transfer them with the poketrasnfer app or through the actual game itself and then that would fix it. So does that mean it's not enough to correct the trashbytes by dropping the pokemon file on the trashbyte programme thing that comes with the legality checker itself? For example I evolved the voltorb and ran it through the trashbyte app and now its trashbytes don't show up as invalid when I run it through the legality checker but I don't think its name changes. I'll attach the file if you want to see for yourself. One final question, when I open the pokemon file in pokegen do I just change it manually to what it would be in gen5? Edit: I attached it in the OP since I didn't know how to attach it in this post.
  7. So if I had used pokesav, then it would've been fine? I ended up dropping the files in the trashbyte program now it's not showing up as invalid, does that mean the pokemon are fully legal now? Also thanks for your help.
  8. Yeah I dragged them into the folder from pokegen, so what you're saying is pokegen is making the pokemon illegal? Also would they be fine for being transferred to gen 5, or would they still be considered illegal?
  9. Hi so I'm new here, I was wondering why my voltorb and drowzee have invalid trashbytes. They were pal parked from fire red. I used desmume to do so, however they're legit but the legality checker shows it as invalid. Also the game they were transferred to was Platinum if it matters. Edited: Attached the files [ATTACH]13192[/ATTACH][ATTACH]13193[/ATTACH]
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