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    bug Insert wc6 Pokémon

    I do not know much about C # programming, but if I interpret the code correctly, the HP value is always fixed to 31 at code line 348, and this should not always be. Would it not be better that way? [font=Courier New]case 0xFE: [b] [size=2]//[/size][/b] finalIVs[0] = 31; do { // 31 HP IV, 2 other 31s for (int i = [b][size=2]0[/size][/b]; i < 6; i++) finalIVs[i] = IVs[i] > 31 ? (int)(Util.rnd32() & 0x1F) : IVs[i]; } while (finalIVs.Count(r => r == 31) < 3); // 31 + 2*31 break;[/font]
  2. Everytime I drag and drop a wc6 file of a legendary Pokémon into PKHeX (directly into the box, or on the left side of the program) the HP Stat has always 31 IVs. Maybe this is a bug during the creation of the Pokémon? Ingame it is not normal that wondercard legendarys have always 31 IVs at HP.
  3. Another Mew distribution for PAL (and maybe NA) systems. Code: MEW2016
  4. "POKEMONXYZ" for Yveltal "ZYGARDE" for Zygarde Source: reddit
  5. Does this only work with *hax 2.7 payload und should I use your boot.3dsx or the new_boot.3dsx on github? At the moment I use 2.6 payload and it doesn´t work. Edit: I updated to 2.7 an now everything works fine.
  6. You're welcome, and thanks for your fast correction! There are also minor bugs with the new check feature. Some self obtained event pokemon e.g. FRÜHL. 2014 Magmar or Grusel 2014 Pumpkaboo have the error "not a valid wonder card gift".
  7. When I drag a pk6 file directly in the Box there is no change of the latest (not OT) Handler and the Residence. But when I first open the pk6 file or drag it in the edit part of PKHeX and after that right click on the box and select Set then there is a change of the Handler and Residence. Would it be possible to add these changes when I direcly drag the pk6 in the box? And another thing that I noticed with the Residence. When I export a pokemon to pk6 from my e.g. X save und then import it with the above method (open -> Set) to my OR save the last Residence will be changed to the met Country of the pokemon. But actually it should be changed to the Country of the save file, or I am wrong? Sorry for my english, I hope everything is understandable.
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