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  1. Do you happen to know of a way to change a pokemon's ability back to the in-game one? Using a save editor for XG to edit things like gender and nature on certain pokemon that don't naturally have their in-game abilities (like Pidgeot and Raichu having no-guard and lightningrod) causes them to revert back to the only abilities that they have in the vanilla game (static and keen eye).
  2. I see. Thank you for the clarification, I always forget that Trick Room has negative priority for some reason.
  3. Quick note: From what I can gather, trick room doesn't seem to be working either. Duskull used trick room 2 times back to back, and the order of the pokemon out did not change at all.
  4. After doing a couple more battles to verify, no Trick Room was used, and I don't have any hold items. Shuppet has a base speed of 45, and it still outspeeds Gengar (Base 110), my Grovyle (Base 95), Pikachu (Base 90), Meditite (Base 60), and Kirlia (Base 50). It's almost like when it gets sent out an automatic Trick Room gets put up, so either Shuppet got a massive buff to speed or it's bugged to put up Trick Room when it gets sent out.
  5. None of my pokemon have prankster, and I was using normal priority moves at the time. Shuppet also can't get prankster according to Bulbapedia.
  6. Just going into Mt Battle to train up a little and noticed that Shuppet is faster than any pokemon I had. Faster than my Grovyle and Pikachu and even the gengars a little further up. Did you buff Shuppet to make it rediculously fast or is it a bug or has it always been like that and I just haven't noticed? PS might be a dumb question but v1.0.1 says not compatible with previous versions, does that include v1.0 or just anything before that?
  7. Not sure if a bug, and I kinda like it how it is now, but are early game pokemon supposed to unlock their hearts really fast? Just caught Pikachu and it halved its shadow meter just by sending it out in the next battle.
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