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  1. I'm having this exact same bug. I captured the other 2 but when I battle suicune I softlock.
  2. After completing my second playthrough, I can safely express my opinion on the changes you've made without thinking I missed something.
  3. I'm not sure how possible this is, but is it possible to make the massage animation shorter? I find Vivid Scents to be the most effective way to purify weaker pokemon since one scent can drop almost a bar. But the animation takes so long with all the menus as well. So is it possible to even just cut the controller vibration?
  4. THANK YOU. I've been waiting for more Eevee's. The eeveelution choice kills me in every playthrough
  5. I may or may not have played the second time through with a trainer snagging code to avoid said salty shinies. I know. I'm a horrible person.
  6. I re-patched it, and everything was fine after that. Sorry for worrying you. Must've been a patching error
  7. Ultimately just went back to my save before the battle to attempt the snag again. It's a good thing I save before every shadow encounter
  8. I don't think he will appear. I specifically remember I didn't get the "x has fled somewhere" message for Carvanha. But i just brushed it off as a glitch having to do with added shadows
  9. I'm still waiting for him to reappear with carvanha. I'll let you know when/if he appears
  10. I've completed Mt. Battle before. He does indeed give you a pokemon. Even if you don't complete it in one run. I took multiple breaks and still got . Also, as for Sneasel/Carvanha, I encountered Mirror B. at the Cave Pokespot with just Sneasel and 2 ludicolo
  11. It's not just you. I wasn't able to buy pokeballs anywhere until I was able to buy great balls after ONBS
  12. My second playthrough begins now that the next update is out. I look forward to seeing what's new.
  13. Just finished purifying everything and clearing mt. battle for the second time. Massive mt. Battle spoilers ahead
  14. I noticed from the list of available pokes that
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