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  1. I apologize for putting it in the wrong thread. I didnt realize I had did so.
  2. I want to transfer some of my pokemon from my older games. I have the sav file and I loaded it into Pokegen. How do I go about extracting the pokemon and sending them to the other game?
  3. Yes you replied and closed the topic. I still dont know how to use the programs and thats my issue. I would have replied in the topic if it wasnt closed.
  4. Hey all. I want to transfer my soul silver pokemon to either the current gen or the pokebank. I have the save from my n3ds with homebrew on my pc. I opened it up with pokegen. From here im not sure what to do. I know I need the time capsule tool which I have but I dont know what to do with it and how to transfer the Pokemon back to my 3ds.
  5. Hey all. I have a n3ds that is home brew capable. I want to know if there is anyway to transfer my pokemon from soulsilver into the current generation? I have pokemon white, black, and omega ruby. Thanks.
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