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  1. Wrong thread, but did you worked a little bit on the randomizer ? I'm waiting for that second thing
  2. Thanks for the answer, I just couldn't press A, it did nothing, my Z key was assigned to the A button (Gamecube) and R button (Gamecube), so it didn't worked properly, but I solved it :]. But it could help new people in Pokemon to learn about the yellow circle
  3. I sent you a message a moment ago on the previous topic, then I'm back and your game is finally out and it's amazing ! But there is a problem, in PC, I press A, and I can't withdraw pokemon with it or open my team, I can open my team with Z (of the gamecube) but can't move pokemons .
  4. I said i'm French because I think the "where is the progress with Pokemon XD" can be misunderstood, it can be mingled with sentence like "I don't see any progress on Pokemon , you s***"^^, (even though I said nice things up but anyway) and thanks for the randomizer ! I hope there will be one on too ( from you )
  5. I'm enjoying it for sure, the only problem is that even the moves are randomized (and we cannot change that), causing some problems in battle, with the Randomizer C for example, where the start is very hard. Tell me if i'm wrong and we can disable moves randomizing ? Also, where is the progress with Pokemon ?* It is almost finished ? *I'm french, maybe a mistake in the sentence.
  6. Actually playing your Colosseum randomizer, you're the best, keep up the great work ! I don't have questions in particular, just here to say that you're doing well ! Didn't see anyone doing hard things on these games.
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