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  1. I was playing around with the game text randomizer in Sun, and when you randomize the whole game text, it crashes when loading the game file. I narrowed down which of the sections that cause the crash when randomized. Text File : 58 Text File : 33 Text File : 64 If you randomize everything but those three sections, the game doesn't hang after selecting the save file. Would it be possible to make the randomizer exclude just those sections in the game text, but randomize everything else?
  2. After editing my festival coins and only that in the save editor, the custom name I gave my festival plaza got slightly corrupted in game. It's fixable by renaming it again in game, but it's a bit of an inconvenience.
  3. How plausable would it be to add a "pallet" randomizer for the Pokemon battle models? Their main textures and mask textures seem to be encoded in 24BPP which I believe contains a color table. You could probably just uniformly offset the color samples to randomly change the hue for all of the regular textures if they do have a color table. I also noticed that the normal maps and other textures you wouldn't want to mess with are encoded in other formats which would make them easier to leave alone.
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