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  1. The game crash when de do a full dump of the 0x08000000 area because it contains a part where a library is stored, reading it causes the crash.
  2. It will be implemented in cheats. It cannot be edited with the debugger without doing some annoying stuff.
  3. Well, we can always check the datas on the net. And even if it is a exact copy of the original, what is the difference between the bytes sequence written by the user and the one downloaded from the server, if it is the same ?
  4. Here is the link to the multicheat plugin : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-pokemon-x-y-or-as-multi-cheat-plugin.413987/
  5. There is a bug in this version. I will add a link to a multicheat plugin I forked on github.
  6. It should be legit because the plugin computes the good PID based on the existing one.
  7. It does not force anything, it modifies. It does not work for eggs because, it was designed for battles. I will maybe work on eggs later.
  8. Come on there are many tutorials on the internet. It is a custom firmware, so you need a 9.2 firmware.
  9. You have the plugin folder with the other inside, at the root of the SD card ? Well, sometimes the game plugin choice does not show up, just try to relaunch the game.
  10. Open the in game menu (X+Y) and the game plugin menu.
  11. Just check the box in the plugin menu. Yes in the future.
  12. Just install the NTR CFW and use the NTR plugin menu.
  13. Well, the plugin seems stable so I release this version : http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05929963542836680481 The only thing implemented for now is the shiny encounter cheat. I will write a post on it and some explanations.
  14. My goal is not only the shiny encounters, I am working on the wild pokemon modifications. There will be a release and some explainations after.
  15. The trainer ID do not have to be edited. I made a shiny cheat, just look at my previous post. I am going to share it and explain how I did it but I have to test it with other games than mine.
  16. Hi everyone, I was working, last few days, on way to create a shiny encounter cheat. I have now a working version but I would like to check if it works on other games than mine, from other regions for example. So, if there is any volunteer here, please contact me.
  17. Ok, sorry for another consecutive post. I think I am on the right track, just found the PID in the RAM. Well, I don't know if modify it there would change something, but better than nothing. EDIT : Hey just see that ! https://twitter.com/MrNbaYoh/status/696857382308155393 I got it to work well after that, some things to correct and I will share it.
  18. Well, I did some tests, just tried to change the pokemon encountered with the dexnav. I managed to replace it but it seems that the offset is quite different and depends of the player's location. Moreover, sometimes the offset is exactly the same for different locations.
  19. We could probably do a RAM dump and then capture the pokemon, get the PID, and search the value in the dump. It may give some informations about how the datas are structured.
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