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  1. Yes I did but can you confirm that these codes work and for the device I have? because from what i've seen other codes of this set have 20+ lines of code just for 1 pokemon.
  2. Yeah I hate to say this but those codes you gave me do not work at all. only normal pokemon are encountered. are you sure those codes are supposed to work for my system?
  3. Sorry I'm getting back to you late but thank you. so this codeset will work based on the information I have given?
  4. Oh neat, this thread is active again. Hello all, I've been lurking for awhile but joined now because I have a purpose. few weeks ago I bought a used Nintendo DS Gen. 1, an action replay max DUO, and an old copy of pokemon ruby off of a friend for $15.00. I completed most of Ruby legitimately but now I want to capture some pokemon that are not in this version. so I'm looking for a Ruby version pokemon wild encounter modifier. I've seen one for the likes of Emerald but not for Ruby or Sapphire if they did exist they have been lost to time or are made for another cheating device ala gameshark or codebreaker. Whatever else information you need let me know, but I did just update the firmware of this AR Max DUO to its final firmware update before it was discontinued (July 2008) so its now at Version 1.06.
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