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  1. Thank you for your answer. Sadly, I think the loop is indifferent to the new music files since it always matches the loop of the original music files. Each loop must be somewhere in the game data (garc ? cro ? other ?) but I don't know where and how to edit it.
  2. Hello, Do someone know how to edit music in X/Y ? I already know how to change the .aac files. I would like to know how to edit the "loop" of the musics. Thank you .
  3. Did you try to build the latest commit or did you just download the latest released version ? If you have the released version, you should try the latest commit. You can use SharpDevelop to build it.
  4. I noticed a bug in the personal editor. The base stats of SpA and SpD match automatically the base stats of Spe when you look at a species's general info twice (first SpD then SpA).
  5. Thank you very much for your answer, @Kaphotics . It helps me a lot, especially the inverse battle. For the wild encounter editor, I only can edit rock smash, fishing and classic "walking" encounters (rough terrain, flowers, surfing,...) and there isn't "event" pokemon like the ones in trash can, rustling bush, drops from the ceiling or rustling berry trees (exclusive to X/Y ?). Maybe there are not in the garc of wild encounters ? edit : There is a little bug I noticed on Pk3ds. I don't know if it is just me or not, but, in the personal stats editor, I can check but not uncheck permanently TM/HM (the "legit" ones). All TM/HM unchecked for a species are checked again when I go back to that species). Again, thank you.
  6. Your tool is really great. I was wondering if your cro-editing tool would allow in the future to edit some data like : - pokedex (especialy list order and pokemon's location) - event pokemon (like rustling bush or drops from the ceiling) - In-game trades - the amount of exp given by exp share - inver's pokemon pool (inverse battle). If these data are in cro-files, do you know, by any chance, where there are located ? I'm a noob in rom hacking but I'm curious and it could be useful. Thanks. Sorry for my English, I'm French.
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