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  1. I just read the first few posts then posted. And I don't keep up with PokeGen updates and whatnot, so I had no clue on what's in and what's out. But now I do. Yeah, leaving the nickname blank does help, but it doesn't quite help when I save a 'mon from tabs and re-load it to save me time. What I do is enter in all my information (ID, SID, basic 'mon information like type of Ball, level, etc.) and save the 'mon as an Abomasnow (the first 'mon from the drop down list) and save it to my PC. When I make teams or any 'mon later in the future, I just re-load that file and create my 'mon/team. The issue that stands is: the nickname stays as Abomasnow (or w/e Pokemon is chosen) and I would have to keep deleting that name so my generated 'mon doesn't get that nickname. Also, I just found out that I cant click on any of the boxes below after loading up the save file mentioned. The boxes below meaning shiny, egg, male/female, etc. They're phazed off and unclickable for some odd reason. You understand what's going on now? If not, I'll take some print screens to show what I exactly mean. Edit: Quick toss-in question as well: when I extract the files to my PC, do I really need to extract those language .txt files as well? The program works without them, but what exactly are those for? ~ Aether Nexus
  2. Yeah, I wondered this too. Thanks for the info. ~ Aether Nexus
  3. I voted for 'other.' It's not a major issue to be updated, but if the next update to 'gen would come out, I'd like to see the nickname portion to be similar to 'savs, and by that I mean just clicking a button to input the selected Pokemon's name into the nickname box. I save a shell file that I load up with basic info and use every time I create 'mon for a team. I use this to save me some time. I've done this for many years with 'sav, but one thing that is a little annoying is having to re-type the selected Pokemons name into the nickname box, otherwise it'll have the nickname 'Abomasnow' (which is chosen as my shell file, because it's the first 'mon to appear on the list). So in 'sav, when I'd load up the shell file, all I needed to do was change around the nature, IV's for Hidden Power, etc., and the nickname. All I had to do was click the nickname button to match the 'mon I had chosen from the dropbox. I hope that with 'gens next update, a feature exact or similar to this one would be implemented, as it would be very useful. Or one that automatically adds the name of the 'mon. Once I choose my Species, that Pokemons name will automatically be filled in the nickname slot. This will save me having to type out its name in the nickname slot or hitting a button to generate its name in the slot. ~ Aether Nexus
  4. Shame. 'savs layout is one of the reasons I preferred using it over 'gen once 'gen came out and was able to be used with gen 5 (and 'gen was better). Isn't there a way someone who had the extra time (not demanding this; just throwing it out there) to sort of alter 'gens look into a more 'sav'ish look? Because I would love 'gen to have the edit Pokemon layout. It's all right there; I wouldn't have to keep going back and forth to change info. It's not a big issue; it would just be helpful. Yeah, I've been messing around with it for a few hours and am getting use to it. It's all trial & error, but I'm getting the hang of it. I did like the fact that I could load up my 'mon save files onto 'gen, but some things sort of get screwy and have to change them when they're on 'gen. But I didn't think about loading them up on 'gen and generating the AR codes. I do like that idea and I thank you for that. Within time, I'm sure I'll get more adjusted to using 'gen over 'sav, but in the mean time, I'll probably use that whole 'sav-'gen AR code generator. When I cant figure out what to do in 'gen, I usually just click out lol. But I have to think back and remember that I use to be the same way when 'sav came out. After so many uses, I got use to 'sav, and hopefully I do too with 'gen and eventually start using that 100%. Anyway, thanks for the help fellas. Much appreciated. ~ Aether Nexus
  5. I've used 'sav for so many years that the layout is like second nature to me now. PokeGen is a whole new ballpark, and every time I try to use it, I get so confused with all the tabs for different things. With 'sav, you have everything to create a 'mon all in one edit page. With 'gen, you have to fix its IV's in one tab, its main info in another, and so on. I could create a 'mon with 'sav in like 2 mins, but with 'gen, it takes me like 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I think I did something wrong when creating a 'mon in 'gen. I would like 'gen more if it had a bigger window, and had a nicer layout like 'sav. I'll eventually adjust to 'gen, I'm sure, but as I right now, the first thing that comes to mind is "Where do I begin?!" lol. But yeah, so about my generating issues, it seems you're not suppose to press L+R; you're apparently suppose to press Start+Select. But I've tried that too, and it doesn't work either. And if I do a Google search about it, I find the same issue, but people keep telling them to either use 'gen or use the stupid online GTS. So, it looks like I'm going to have to start getting use to 'gen. ~ Aether Nexus
  6. Yeah, so I'm really not into PokeGen at the moment and am still using 'sav. The issue as of right now is that every time I create 'mon in my storage box and try to generate them, they don't show up. I've done everything right. I used the same methods with 'sav for 4th gen games without any issues, but for some odd reason the 'mon I created wont show up in my English version of White. I'm using the English translated B/W 'sav, and this might be the problem. A few of the moves have the Japanese translated English names (like Coil Around instead of Coil) and that might be why they don't generate. But other than that, I'm doing everything the way I did with gen 4 'sav. I'd created my 'mon (via storage) and create the XML file, copy/paste the code, and begin the game. When I press L+R, nothing happens (all my buttons are working), but when I use regular codes, they work. So I don't know why 'sav wont generate my 'mon. I'm not generating more than what the game can handle. The other day I just made a simple 'mon that met legal standards and it still wouldn't generate. So I don't know what's up. I'm sure this issue will eventually lead me to using PokeGen. I like 'sav; the layout is so easy to use. Wish 'gen was more like that. But the issue stands, and if anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. ~ Aether Nexus
  7. Is there an option to edit/change your link trades in the game? Because all I'm seeing is changing your battle trade info, etc. I figured there would be an option to change your link trades. Am I wrong and not seeing it or is there such an option to edit my link trades? ~ Aether Nexus
  8. I remember you could change your trainer card score with the D/P Pokesav, but couldn't with the Platinum one. Does PokeGen have a score changer that I'm not seeing or is it just purely used for creating 'mon only? Is there any way I could change my Platinum's score with codes or a different version of PokeSav, etc.? ~ Aether Nexus
  9. Edit: Beat the Master Tough rank. Got my ribbon and star. ~ Aether Nexus
  10. I have a GameShark SP, but I don't really use that anymore. I just use my flashcart to load my save files then transfer them to my PC and play them on VBA. Then from VBA it goes back into my cartridge. So you can give me the VBA code, then that will do fine. You can also give me a GameShark code, or a codebreaker code (I believe GBA AR and GameShark SP codes work on the Codebreaker window due to how the coding is). Also, if you can take a crack at this too while you're helping me out, then that'd be great. ~ Aether Nexus
  11. For anyone who's gone to the events, obtained them from people who went to the events, or for anyone who knows legit info about 10th Anniversary Pokemon in the 3rd generation games, I need your help. I met up with a person on Craigslist who said he went to some of the 10th Anniversary events (quoting American Dad! -- Roger: "How awesome is Craigslist?") and was willing to duplicate/trade me some of his event 'mon. Now, some of them say 'fateful encounter' and some don't, so I don't know which ones are legit or not. I know some event Pokemon back in gen 3 did have 'fateful encounter,' but did the 10th Anniversary Pokemon? So far, all the event Pokemon I've obtained that were legit have had 'fateful encounter' in their location caught/met area, so I'm kind of assuming all the event Pokemon in generation 3 had fateful encounter info, but I hate assuming at this point and would love to know which of my 10th Anniversary Pokemon are actually legit and which are not. So if anyone with a lot or little knowledge on this specific matter could help me out asap, then that'd be great. Edit: Also, some are from a Female gender OT (red text; 10ANIV) and some are from a Male gender OT (blue text 10ANIV). I know this matters quite a bit, but there were a lot of 10th Anniversary Pokemon, and so I'm not sure if they were all from one specific character gender from the distribution or if they were mixed with some being from Male OT's at some distributions and some being Female from other distributions. So clarification on this little important factor would be helpful as well. Edit #2: I'm also noticing one tiny thing on one of them and not on the others. The OT '10 ANIV' is on a lot of them, and then on one of them it says '10ANIV' with no space. Is there suppose to be a space between the 10 and the ANIV? Because I know these tiny little things are good ways to spot fakes. And when these get PalParked to gen 4 or get traded into gen 5 (I don't know much about gen 5 stuff right now, so not sure how anything looks when it goes in gen 5) do they still say '10 ANIV/10ANIV' or does this information change? Because on some Youtube videos I'm watching, I see some of these people have 10th Anniversary Pokemon but they say '10ANNIV' instead. ~ Aether Nexus
  12. I hope I'm asking this question in the right section. I think it's the right section. Goal: Trying to complete my Pokemon Ruby version. Problem: Not sure on how to obtain a Deoxys. I've read here & there and the only two ways to have obtained Deoxys in the 3rd generation games were: 1) Obtaining the Doel Deoxys from 2006 in the Netherlands; and 2) Obtaining a Aurora Ticket and using it to reach Birth Island to obtain one. The Doel Deoxys seems to be very hard to obtain (unless someone has uploaded their .sav file containing one), so the 'easier' route seems to be the Birth Island Deoxys. Now I'm a little confused on how to obtain the Birth Island Deoxys. If I remember correctly, didn't you have to have an e-Reader for this? You would scan a special Deoxys card and obtain the Aurora Ticket somehow afterwards (it went something like that). Or can I get the Aurora Ticket from a person whom I know who has one and obtain a Deoxys for myself with him somehow sharing his Aurora Ticket with my game? I know I can use codes to warp there (I can obtain it in my Emerald version), but this would be my last option. What if I use a code to obtain the Aurora Ticket; will it work? And for the hell of just tossing it out there: if anyone knows of anyone uploading their .sav file containing a legit Birth Island Deoxys (edit: or a Space Center Deoxys), then please do link me. I'm not sure if the site contains 3rd generation event Pokemon that you can download and somehow put/use them in your 3rd generation games, but if there is such a way, I'd like some input on that. So if anyone can help me out, I'd very much appreciate it. Edit: There's also Space Center (Space C) Deoxys. I guess I missed that one. This one would be better for me to obtain, because if people see that I have a Birth Island Deoxys, they'll (sadly) think I used codes to get it. ~ Aether Nexus
  13. Wow, thanks. I didn't know they still sold those. So it says for the GBA and GBA SP. Also, I know that the GBA AR's have a disc that comes with them, so does it install a program on my PC and I enter in my codes then load them into the AR and put my cartridge in after and just start the game with those selected codes, like how the ARDS does? Wow, if that's really how it does it, then that'll save me tons of time. My GSSP only enables manual codes, and if I screw up one of the codes, I have to restart the code. It's a lot of trial & error/hit & miss with the GSSP if you're trying out new codes that aren't listed on the Gameshark website. ~ Aether Nexus
  14. Nope, doesn't work for me. That might have worked for the older Gamesharks for the GBA, but not for the SP. The codes to input on the GBA SP are much different. There are only 12 digits for each line, and it spaces after 8 digits, so it'd be like this: 12345678 1234. AR codes, codebreaker codes, and older GS codes are 16 digits in one line and split at the 8 digit mark. Nothing I can do with those codes. I'm thinking I just try the method I used in the post above. I buy an R4, save my game cartridge game file to the R4, then import the save to my PC through the SD micro card on the R4 and open it up with VBA, then use the AR SID code to see my SID on my save file through VBA. There are only 3 options, and that's one of them. The other is to buy an Action Replay GBA off of eBay for $70+, catch a legit shiny in-game and use the method with a shiny to figure out my SID (or close to it, apparently), and lastly buy an R4 and import my save to it, load it on the PC, load it into VBA, put in the AR SID revealing code, and figure out my SID that way (the R4 with an SD micro card will cost me around $15-30 -- better than buying a AR GBA). ~ Aether Nexus
  15. Yeah, I know the codes to use to figure out on an AR GBA, but unfortunately there are no SID revealing codes for GSSP, which sucks. What I have found out though, and it being much cheaper than buying an AR GBA off of eBay to figure my SID's out, is that I can buy a flash card or whatever it is (like an R4 for my DS/DS Lite) and put the R4 in my first slot of my DS, and my Pokemon cartridge game in my second slot. I can send my save file into the R4 and then from the R4 put it into my PC and move the file somehow with a program that reads it and load it up on VBA. This way, I can use the AR GBA code on VBA and with my save file loaded and figure out my Secret ID that way. Will that work? Does anyone know? I don't have any experience with stuff like R4's, and the guy in the video had an Edge card, which his model is no longer sold (they only sell Edge cards for the DSi's now) but I'm sure an R4 is the same thing, isn't it? So if anyone has any experience with that kind of stuff, do give me some information on if it's possible to transfer my save file from my GBA games to my R4 then load it up on VBA. ~ Aether Nexus
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