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  1. Doi! No wonder that didn't work before. That makes much more sense! I think that solved my initial assumptions about the Batch Editor interpretation. Thanks again!
  2. This should be the script set up I believe based on the response from earlier correct? When I tried the $suggest value, it returned an internal error. Is this incorrect?
  3. Hello there! I have a problem with PKHeX in regards to trying and run a batch editor for several files so I can figure out how to handle heights and weights for Pokemon within several boxes. I would rather not have to go in and edit each Pokemon's Height and Weight individually, so my initial assumption was to run a batch command similar to this: .HeightScalar=$60,195 .WeightScalar=$60,195 Regardless of Pokemon Species, it would generate appropriate scalar values, which they are calculated for the Species of the Pokemon to get the Right Calculated Heights and Weights. What ends up happening is that for some reason even though the scalar values are adjusted, I cannot apply the actual height and weight calculations. They are all marked as illegal, but if I click the Auto box next to the CP input field, it will carry out the calculation and the values will be corrected to make the Pokemon legal again. Does the Batch Editor have a corresponding label for the Auto checkbox that needs to be used in the Batch Editor? Or is there a better way to mass edit and calculate heights/weights for Pokemon in PKHeX?
  4. So I understand that you have done a really good job in keeping a timely manner with the updates. But do you potentially have a way to share how you managed to do the updates yourself? I have an idea based on the github search that you use a Selenium based web crawler, but I cannot figure out how to use it on my own. It would be even cool if there was an .exe file to be used like all the previous programs.
  5. Okay, so I understand how the program works. but how exactly are you able to generate the text that is used to put into the converter? I imagine that you have a program that is able to get the sets that are current on Smogon, and put it into the converter. RE: In case anyone is seeing this message, I am merely thinking that there has to be an way to get the Smogon sets off the website with relative ease so that the collections can be updated like what our friend has done here.
  6. So I was wondering within the collections that you send out, I imagine that it might be useful to know all the files which have specific trainers assigned to them. For example, the Pidgeot with Refresh comes from the Gales of Darkness game, so it can't normally be breed and have an original trainer in Gen 6. Do you actually have on record which Pokemon were given specific trainers?
  7. Okay. So after a bit of frustration mainly from trying to figure out how to handle CSV and Spreadsheets formatting, I present to the benefit of everyone here a table for your viewing pleasure: January 2016 Set Database In short, this is used in conjunction with the Pokémon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter tool that FullLifeGames had made publicly available. With this table, you can filter the collection so you can select certain files to be converted. However, you will need to copy the cells for the Smogon sets onto MS Word, as the values are defined in a CSV format which ends up wrapping all the entries in double quotes. Do note, some of the entries might have Pokemon with moves that are duplicates, so do not panic if you didn't get all the entries converted.
  8. Okay, in regards to the collection, I happened to notice an error that shows up based on the Jan 2016 collection text file to show the overall collection. When using the Smogon Importer program, I noticed some of the Pokemon were not being made, and it turned out I noticed one of the entries in the text file read as such: OU;Absol;Swords Dance;Absolite;Justified;Jolly;Swords Dance;Sucker Punch;Baton Pass;Baton Pass;252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe; I am pretty sure that the text file needs to be combed through to find Pokemon with duplicate moves. Edit: Ditto has no entries even though it has valid Smogon sets available to it.
  9. Thanks for the update. Is there by chance a way for you to generate the text file data into the smogon set format? It might be useful for the new application you made. Edit : Nevermind, I figured out a way to do it with Java. I will need to tinker around with it to give my results
  10. Wow, that's quite the tool you have there. I take it that you already have a master list which you compared to and make updated changes? EDIT: Given that the new program requires a Smogon Set to convert it, is there by chance an easy way to grab a bunch of Smogon set formats so you can quickly paste it to create the files? Also, I started up a Google Docs Spreadsheet for all of the possible Smogon Variants that you can use in combinations with movesets, genders, and shininess. [Could use some help with making it] Pokemon Smogon Sets Database POSSIBLE BUG: Trying to convert 30 files at once as single files generated only 8 ekx files while the covert by box function successfully created all Pokemon files in a single box. Is there a way to potentially upload an entire PC of Pokemon at once (i.e. make it so you can upload 31 boxes, which is 930 Pokemon)?
  11. Hey there folks, does anyone know when the next update might be coming up?
  12. Hello there, I have had a chance to try out your wonderful tool for the Mass Editor, and I have a request that I believe would make sense in terms of mass editing. So if a user wanted to go the extra mile and make some sort of manner to organize the Pokemon, there is the in game method of using the marking system with the shapes. I have personally decided that for my own sake I will as an example divide Pokemon in my box in terms of their competitive viability. Now, if I am editing a whole bunch of files that I know are designated for a particular purpose, I might want to go ahead and mark them accordingly. It would make sense for a while collection of Pokemon that one could potentially assign a mark, which with the current addition of Mass Editor is lacking. While it isn't nearly useful for the purpose of in game mechanics, it can still be a valuable organization method for a trainer.
  13. In the folders that I was looking through in the collection, I noticed that Raticate and Fearow were found in NU rather than PU. I figured that it might be needed to point out unless that was accounted for in the new update. Also, I figured some of the Pokemon were not going to get sets, but I figured it might be useful for someone getting the files to know which Pokemon aren't included. Someone might expect this to be a complete Pokedex geared for Smogon like analysis, but not every Pokemon has a set because there is lack of data. Anyways, I have yet to see the new collection to find out for myself what was included.
  14. Hello, I just got registered recently and been looking through the Smogondex Collection, but I figured that I might make note of some of the Pokemon that might have been missed in the legal set ups. In addition, the Smogon website has changed their tier system to place certain Pokemon in different areas, which would prove to be confusing in future updates unless brought to attention. LEGAL SETS - To be implemented: Pidgeot - Stall Breaker - Refresh - GALE OF DARKNESS TIER TRANSFERS - To be implemented: Raticate - RU Tier => PU Tier Fearow - RU Tier => PU Tier UNKNOWN SETS: Ivysaur Charmeleon Wartortle Caterpie Metapod Weedle Kakuna Pidgey Pidgeotto Niroran-♀ Nidorina Niroran-♂ Nidorino I will continue to add on anymore that might be worth to note
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