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  1. I found one bug on the last release , My inventory Editor shows nothing and i got exception if i click on Items,Key Items Box... Can you fix this? Thank you I send one pic for this. http://imgur.com/329EXnX
  2. Hi Kaphotics , this is my first post here in pkhex sesson and i have a request Do you make a export button for pokemon sets to Showdown? i know this exist for import sets, i really apreciated if i can export my pokemon in box to a set for pokemon showdown... Thanks for your great work in program.
  3. Hey Flintiex, first , thanks for made this hack rom. Can someone here can upload full rom [not patches] in Mega or another server ? send a pm, if you not upload here for the rules... I really apreciate play this rom, for my channel on youtube... thanks for made this.... and sorry for my english i'm brazilian
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