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  1. Is possible to randomize Pokémon Alpha Sapphire .cia? if yes, can somebody send me a link?
  2. I need a quick help... When I go to Wild Encounter, I want to put a Mega Evolved Pokémon on the Route 101, but the thing is, the mega evolved pokemons have numbers, and I don't know what's the pokemon that I want, does somebody have the list of all the pokemons? Pls I need help
  3. So I want to ask you something, what´s that new thing that you wrote on the PKHeX page? X-20 thru X-22 Applet Version (no new3DS) using Web Injection I want you to explain me about what´s Applet Version, and what´s X-20-22?
  4. I want to ask something, I now a lot of people, have been asking how to use PKHeX on 9.5.0-23 or 9.8.0-25, but my question of now is, are the makers of the exploit finding a new one? I mean, working on it or something? I´m actually requesting a lot that Datel possibly make the support of PKHeX, so that´s my question.
  5. How do I install RXTools properly? I don´t have Gateway or flashcarts, and I´m new on this.. My 3DS version is 3.0.0-6u
  6. How do I install it properly? I don´t have Gateway, and I´m new on this.. My 3DS version is 3.0.0-6u
  7. If I buy another 3DS with 4.5, and I install the firmware of RXTools-9.2 (9.2), would I use PKHeX?
  8. you can decrypt Powersave files and open with PKHex, but you can't write it back into the cartridge. That´s my question, are they going to have a file encrypter or in the future, a encrypter will be?
  9. Ok, first question: Are PKHeX developers working on it or finding a new way? Second question: Somebody told me that when PowerSaves came out, it was possible to edit Pkmn save files, I want you guys show me that exploit of PowerSaves or tell me if they possibly can support PKHeX, a lot of people are waiting that (like me), I absolutely requested that a bunch of time, and I still don´t get answers.
  10. Guys, don´t be rude but I only want to take your opinions: Do you guys think in some days/future Datel is going to finally support PKHeX to edit our save files? Just want your opinions.
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