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  1. So, I had a lot of issues trying to get my Pokesav to display Japanese. I finally did all the stuff with installing fonts and running appLocale and converting non-Unicode programs to Japanese, and when I got it to work at last, it wouldn't load my .sav file. It always had before with no conversion, so this seemed strange. I converted the .sav file and edited the Pokémon I needed to edit, but when I went to save it, it said "Error - Wrong File Type". I tried everything I could think of, even using Japanese Pokesav, but I can't figure out how to save my .pkm files now. Please help? ---------- Post added at 05:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:21 AM ---------- Yeah, now it's just completely denying me the ability to save .pkm files at all... did I somehow break Pokesav? o_O; ---------- Post added at 06:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 AM ---------- Okay, after a few restarts and language setting changes, it seems it will only save .pkm files when run in English (no appLocale), so it won't let me save a Pokémon with a Japanese name ("?????"). It also only forces me to convert the .sav when run with appLocale. Otherwise it's fine and just like it's always been. This wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't want to toy with Japanese-only event Pokémon so badly. Any ideas how to get around this...?
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