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  1. Hey guys, I used PKHex and added a lot of Pokemon to my save file (150+) because I wanted to complete my National Dex and I don't have X/Y/OR. I have all the pokemon that I need imported to my game, but is there any quick way to get them registered in my Pokedex without going to the Day Care? (A DSPokeEdit software for Gen VI)? I just want to get that shiny charm ASAP. I don't really want to trade Pokemon back and forth between my friend's game and mine, because that will take way too much time. I did search for this topic, but there were no threads discussing this issue in the current gen. Thanks guys! All help is appreciated!:bidoof: I found a post that talks about the Pokedex button, but that button apparently corrupts the files... I also have no idea how to use it
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