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  1. Sounds easy enough. Onc I get the whole concept of rebuilding roms I'll be on my way to editing to my hearts content. Thank you very much for all the answers my friend
  2. Would it be possible to change the typing of attack and pokemon? And can you insert or edit a existing model of a pokemon? Say I wanted to change how Meleottas other form looks would that be possible? I am highly interested in making a rom edit of Pokemon ORAS soon and wanted some general questions answered is all. Last question, once dumping of the rom is done how do you put it back on a gateway to play?
  3. I agree. A tutorial on how to do this would be great. I have a rom but cannot open it with the program. As far as I know the rom needs to be dumped but I dont know how to go about doing this. Getting a Gateway soon so it would be nice to have a rom ready to play when I get it.
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