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  1. here is the Shiny Rayquaza Its the North american one that came out on wifi right now 547 - Shiny Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent!.zip
  2. Here are the pk6's of the recent diancie event and the dragonite also the oct2014 diance Diancies and Dragonite.zip
  3. Welp the shiny one was hacked oh well not to sure about the normal one though so i removed the link
  4. Yes both are unchecked and Norman doesn't notice your eon ticket nor do any of the ports here is a picture of the events flag menu `
  5. So after catching all of the legendaries. I reset all of the legendary flags so that i may shiny hunt for them all of them. they reseted except for latios as i can't access Southern island even though i have the eon ticket. is their another flag i need to uncheck for it to work?
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