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    PkHex closed?

    So when I was doing pcedit today, I clicked on my Empoleon (Had HM moves) but it crashed for some reason. Any idea what happened?
  2. So I tried this today (Didn't did it the last time I posted) It's pretty good I made a Trainer red team with it based on the one I made from showdown Just a question tho, Can you get a bad egg from this if you do it with pcedit? Haven't seen one yet
  3. So when I do this I get no pcdata in the SD card? Anybody got this and wondering how to fix it?
  4. Your fast in making request, Thanks :smile:
  5. Ign: winner133 FC: 1161-0198-4190
  6. This is pretty cool, Thanks. You install it like any other pkhex made pokemon to X and Y right?
  7. Also can you do me one small favor with the kyogre? Keep everything but make it non - shiny please. If you can't I'm fine with that
  8. winner133


    Hi, I'm winner133. I don't really know how to make good introductions so yeah I love to play pokemon and trade too. So that's all
  9. Pokemon To Hold Item:Turtwig Item:Power Bracer Friend Code:1161-0198-4190 Pokemon To Hold Item:Fennekin Item:Power Belt Friend Code:1161-0198-4190 Pokemon To Hold Item:Froakie Item:Power Lens Friend Code:1161-0198-4190 Pokemon To Hold Item:Chimcar Item:Power Band Friend Code:1161-0198-4190 Pokemon To Hold Item:Totodile Item: Power Anklet Friend Code:1161-0198-4190
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