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  1. @rufioh I tried to decrypt your save but it is very different to the decrypted data I'm used to, something seems to definitly have gone wrong!
  2. Well that wasn't my question since for these inputs I would need the TID and SID already for filling these offsets, but I did not have these values. Oh well, fixed my issue in a different way and it might be helpful for others and research to explain this. So my problem: I want to have a compatible German save, however the saves are language locked, so most of the files you find are in English (the same problem can be probably found every over language). So how do you tackle that? What I did was to look into the decrypted save of a freshly generated German save file and an English one I found online. After that I tried to change some lines in the English save to the German one, so that I might get the German property. This gets me the following steps: Apparently if you take a PBR Save file with any language, get the following tool for decompression: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/36582-pok%C3%A9mon-battle-revolution-save-research-thread/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-219653 Decrypt the save and edit the following lines in a hex editor: 0x000380-0x00039F to: 80 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 40 72 05 75 D3 5B 08 00 00 42 00 65 00 6E 00 65 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 and 0x0003C1 to: 4D Encrypt it and it changes the name to "Bene", the save timer value is changed and the language is German! Yeah and that is my discovery here. Some further investigation can be made, which values change what and what the language value is and what it is for other languages and et volà, you can change the lanuage of a save file!
  3. So I'm wondering all this time, how I would get the TID and SID of my user profile. All I get from PKHeX is the user profile name, but since there is no Pokémon, I cannot look at the Trainer TID and SID there and from debugging and looking at the values, I'm not sure, if the values are even extracted. If you have a good way of getting the TID and SID, I would greatly appreciate your help, even if it's just the HeX value of where it is stored in my decrypted save file!
  4. A standard valid Showdown Importable should have the IVs and Ability row swapped. This is why it doesn't work, since it's not seeing it as a valid importable. This works: Victini Ability: Victory Star IVs: 26 Atk / 24 Def / 7 SpD / 25 Spe Level: 50 Bold Nature - V-create - Fusion Flare - Fusion Bolt - Searing Shot
  5. For Sun & Moon I created a new version (which took a bit, because the structure of PKHeX changed). Now it's finally done! New version (v.2.0.0): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzWQTIjOghQLLTdnUXZhT2wtc0E/view?pageId=118177524874344680532
  6. I tried reproducing this, but on my computer at least, it didn't produce any error. Since it apparently does, I zipped it and uploaded it again: http://puu.sh/nkJ4R/48a8e72da1.zip Tell me, if the error still exists!
  7. Also a new update arrives: Fixed this: - Pokemon with less than 4 moves - Ditto New version (v.1.1.3): http://puu.sh/mVZKY/82778ecf50.zip
  8. So I can't directly quote you for some reason Sorcier_malgache, but if you could send me the shiny files, I can edit them. Another possibility would be for you to replace the regular diance, xerneas and yveltal files with their shiny files in the gold folder, so they already have the correct met stuff.
  9. Strange, I thought those two things would've been patched out right now. I will take a look at the algorithm and try to fix it.
  10. Sorry for answering this late! I could make them to the Pokemon Showdown Importable format, but for me I don't really see the point. If you go to for example: http://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/pokemon/talonflame/ there is already a button for "Export", so you can get your importable there. The file I made was just easier for me at the time and simpler than making them to Pokemon Showdown Importable. Could you maybe report the bug in the ImportableConverter thread or the Github Repo? I will look into it then! I don't really know. It should work with CyberSav extension, if I understand your question correctly.
  11. Update: Fixed this: https://github.com/FullLifeGames/ImportableToPKHeX/issues/1 New version (v.1.1.2): http://puu.sh/mt7o2/5bd31fa271.zip
  12. So it's a new year and I missed some months: Time for an update! Update 10 (January 2016 Update): - I updated the sets from this collection (2. September 2015) to the new collection (9. January 2016). (Here the changes) Here is the Download Link.
  13. I try to make an update next year!In the meantime, you can check out my new tool: The "Pokémon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter"
  14. Hey guys, today I want to present you my "Pokémon Showdown Importable To Legit PKHeX Files Converter". The whole project originated from my Smogon Set Database, which made all Smogon Sets for every Pokémon for every tier to PKHeX files, where most also were made legit (by having the data of for example legends saved and replaced and what not). So what does this tool actually do? Let's have a look at it: http://puu.sh/meLem/43757bf52b.PNG This is how the tool looks like. In the left text field you paste in the importable. After that you can choose if you want to create normal PKHeX files, boxdata files or Cyber Sav files. It's important that you specify for single PKHeX files or boxdata files the extract path or for Cyber Sav files the Cyber Sav File Path. You can also select for the Cyber Sav File the boxes which will be overwritten. When that's done you just click "Convert" and after a short period of time you should find your files in the specified folder. You can use those files then to import those Pokémon into your main game via Homebrew! Most of the Pokémon generated should be legit and can be used immediately on Wi-Fi but there will be of course some cases which I didn't thought of. If you encounter any, just tell me and I will probably fix them! The tool is Open Source and can be found here: https://github.com/FullLifeGames/ImportableToPKHeX You can download the tool from here (v2.0.0): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzWQTIjOghQLLTdnUXZhT2wtc0E/view?usp=sharing&resourcekey=0-GTvwxtiknvySn1J2G4lTwg
  15. Thanks for noticing it, I changed it!
  16. Most should be. One thing, I have to say though, is that I never bothered with Relearn Moves, since the detector doesn't care about that anyways.
  17. Since I skipped August and it's September, it's update time again! Update 9 (September Update): - I updated the sets from this collection (3. July 2015) to the new collection (2. September 2015). (Here the changes) - implemented Hoopa and Hoopa-Unbound Here is the Download Link.
  18. My original idea of making this for gen 6, came from what you're looking for. KazoWAR made this for Gen 1-5: http://kazowar.webs.com/If you want to use them with PKHeX, you have to convert them with this tool though: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?41681-Time-Capsule-Transfer-Tool-%28-pk2pk-%29
  19. Since the month just started, it's update time again! Update 8 (July Update): - I updated the sets from this collection (4. June 2015) to the new collection (3. July 2015). (Here the changes) - Made Refresh Pidgeot and Salamence Legit Here is the Download Link. @wind_waker4631: Please test if Refresh Pidgeot is still causing you problems
  20. I actually don't know what you mean. Raticate and Fearow are and were before in the PU Tier, so can you please describe a bit more what you mean? I think I have to talk about, how I get these sets. The sets are the ones from the Smogon Dex => this means some Pokemon won't unfortunately have sets since they're not viable in their tiers. This includes the Pokemon you wrote down in this list, since they don't have an analysis on Smogon.
  21. This will be really helpful, I will see if I can make this Pidgeot legal in the next version!
  22. So after Smogon decided to update their Dex, my method of getting the data didn't work anymore and altering it, surprisingly didn't as well. This however gave me the last days some motivation to implement and make it work again. I had to change my whole method of getting the data, but with the help of Selenium, I was finally able to get it (though very slowly, but stable). This means finally Update time again!: Update 7 (June Update): - I updated the sets from this collection (April 2015) to the new collection (4. June 2015). (Here the changes) - Reimplemented Abomasnow, which was lost in the last update (this is what I meant by stable) Here is the Download Link.
  23. I didn't really had much time this month, so just the monthly update: Update 6 (April Update): - I updated the sets from this collection to the new collection. (Here the changes) Here is the Download Link.
  24. The egg moves and relearn moves might be a thing I have to do. I just ignored it, because it wasn't necassary for fighting with my friends, but if it's so crucial, it will get implement at some point.To the question with Absol in OU: Many Pokemon in OU, which aren't technically OU, still have a niche in this tier and can be used. This is why Absol for example has an OU analysis and is for that reason in the OU list.
  25. Sry for not working on this for quite some time, but now it's update time! This time, we're moving up to version 1.5 which you can find here This update took me longer since there was a lot to fix (special thanks to KazoWAR) and to do. I updated the sets from this collection to the new collection. (Here the changes) I plan to do this monthly now and release it around the 1st of every month. I fixed a lot of stuff: - Landorus, Thundurus, Dream World abilities - Victini - Black Glasses Bisharp - most of what KazoWAR said here (Thanks!): Edit: Also made a version 1.5.1 now because Abomasnow had to be fixed. You can find it here: http://puu.sh/ghQqf/a516879d21.rar Edit2: TODO for me: I have to implement Never-Melt Ice and all the moves which changed their names in Gen 6 in 1.5.2
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