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  1. Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Hey guys! I just found my old save files from my previous laptop an they're on the old ramsav.bin format just wanna know if there is a way to convert ramsav.bin files to main, as I can't seem to open them with the current build of PKHeX. Thanks!
    STILL AWESOME! And STILL works great. Thank you so much for the awesome work guys!
  3. thanks for all the hard work! it worked smoothly and i'm running it on a 9.4 sysnand. this work has finally cleared up all my doubts and paranoia thanks a ton
  4. i guess that kinda makes me feel more confident but what if perhaps i gen a pokemon which is "not legal" e.g. a sturdy shedinja. would it corrupt my save file in the long run?
  5. umm, by any chance, does this mess up the save file? i'm having trouble trying to do this because i'm afraid that it might mess up my save file, and that i have no other means of backing up/restoring my save file. if anyone can confirm this it would be greatly appreciated )
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