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  1. Added.My fc is in the signature
  2. Added Xxxm1ngoxxx too.fc is below.
  3. My fc is on signature so Please add me all if you can.I will add you too My fc Gives Grass type Pokemons on safari.(Oddish,Ivysaur,Quilladin) PM ME IF YOU ADDED MY FC SO I CAN ADD YOU TOO.THANKS Added until now
  4. Pokemon Perfect Heart & Perfect Soul

    Oi............I played the perfect heartgold and on one cave right before the village which is down the lake of rage (I dont remember name of the cave cause i am playing right now).I used repel and i only have level in my party max 36 and in the cave i suddenly encounter regirock lvl 70.(I am still trying to catch it)With the patch i will encounter more legendery pokemon like that out of the blue?Cause it will be kinda difficult to beat them if the wont let me escape)
  5. Pokemon Black & White AR Codes? [Jp]

    Anyone Has no ban action replay code for legendaries on pokemon black ???(i need it for the subway battles)Plzz tell me if you know