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  1. went to skytree today and got shiny rayquaza [ATTACH=CONFIG]13529[/ATTACH] I tried to do the NTRcfw mem dump thing but sadly messed it up (forgot to hover on "no")
  2. oh I misread the month lol, well anyway I'll go there the first day they do it and get the wondercard.
  3. attaching my surfing-flying pikachu attained on a JP n3ds on 10.3 fw, jp omega ruby cart. pictures. didn't think to namestamp it sorry http://imgur.com/a/EqSEo
  4. Attaching the shiny diancie I got at ikebukuro pokemon center.
  5. I can atleast confirm that it doesn't work on other systems than JP, but if you boot your game on a JP device via regionfree from hbmenu, then it does allow you to get the pokemon.
  6. here's all three legendaries that are available on codes right now in japan, aquired on my JP omega ruby shiny xerneas yveltal and reg zygarde.zip
  7. I'm going to try and get multiple ones so I'll be able to compare them I guess.
  8. even if it uses nintendo zone... doesn't that just give you a code? then you can use it on a EU cart as long as the 3ds is JPN (boot with regionfree... HANS on a eu/us 3ds doesn't work since it doesn't detect any updates to the software so you can't even get to input the codes cause it'll give you an error saying you need to update)
  9. Heres my lugia and Latios I got from 7spot 101 and 102 Lugia and Latios.zip
  10. so I can still get the pikachu and pancham later this month?
  11. Attaching my Arceus, from JP cart with lang set to english. holds silk scarf 81 - アルセウス プレゼント.zip
  12. @jariesuicune Well, funny thing is it says it's supposed to work with windows 8 32 and 64bit in the manual! ^^
  13. I just went and got my saveeditor2 replaced with a new unit and still same issue, so I guess it's a problem with the software... on both my computers does it not like english windows 8 maybe? EDIT2: okay, so ran windows 7 in a VirtualBox... and guuess what, it works! >w>
  14. EDIT: okay so I realised my error is different, how dumb of me, here is my error This occurs after the initial "updates/news window", I never actually installed any patches this is pure Save Editor 2 application. happens on both my computers. Editor looks garbled and doesn't react at all when I insert my game cart (JP OR) Anyone know how to fix? I just bought the device at Sofmap. I'm residing in Tokyo. I'm thinking the device may be faulty and the program is trying to read something from it, and recieving garbage. My pc runs English Window 8. I'd supply a pic but size limit is too small on this forum
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