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  1. Hey folks, I'm doing some research on the Mersenne Twister RNG in Heartgold which is used for generating the PIDs of eggs. I'm just doing it to understand the logic which is used here. Right now I'm stuck with this look-up table thing. I read that about 600 numbers are generated by the twister and that there's an address for the frame counter, but where are the values stored? I tried getting a Pokémon from the daycare and compare it's PID with the number I generated externally with the given initial seed and got a match, but I don't understand where this and the next values come from in the games. The value at the address of the initial seed changes to something else after an egg is generated. Also chanigng the initial seed on game start doesn't change the outcome, so it must be stored previously, only question is where?
  2. Hi folks, I'm new to this forum, but recently read into the developments of capturing Pokemon files from the newest Pokemon games. So I learned that the Wonder Trade was used to get unencrypted Pokemon data, but since Nintendo added an encryption of the connection with patch 1.2 one is reliant to hardware solutions like Powersaves. Right now I'm asking myself the question, if it is possible to capture the Pokemon data which is transferred between two 3DS systems via WiFi trade. Do you guys know some further details on how the connection is established? Is it encrypted, too, or isn't it even possible that a device other than a DS is able to capture the WiFi signal between the two 3DS'? I didn't find anything regarding this on the forums... maybe my idea is just stupid I guess, but anyway, I'm curious
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