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  1. I have a rom of pokemon black 2 but i can't receive exp point and the game crashes when i open the pokemon menu.. how can i patch these errors? Edit: I have a Jap version
  2. I tried, but another error message appear during the installation [ATTACH=CONFIG]11687[/ATTACH]
  3. i can't open rng reporter, i tried to open all versions, but it still didn't works and this is the error message http://s16.postimg.org/dk1w44rz9/ssss.jpg
  4. I play on FR (U) and .lua doesn't display starter ivs..
  5. Yng Saske


    I'm Yin Saske, i play pokemon since i had 10 years old. I'm also a Naruto (manga) fan. :biggrin:
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