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  1. In the latest commit (795e0e0), holding Control + Alt and left clicking a slot in the box interface will bring up the dialog prompt to clone the Pokemon from the Editing Tabs to all slots in the box like it is meant to but saying no to the cloning prompt does not bring up the Delete all Pokemon in the box prompt like it is suppose to.
  2. I must have been mistaken then as I thought that they also connected to Nintendo's servers for the actual wondercard data with the custom server being used to bypass things like needing a certain serial code. Oh well, my mistake.
  3. Unfortunately after compiling and testing with both Omega Ruby and X separately to avoid a conflict, it wouldn't auto-detect either of them. I also tested with Save Data Filer and that still works however. I'm wondering if it could be the filters on file size as Omega Ruby's main file is 472 KB (483,328 bytes) but clicking on the properties of the file mentions that its Size on Disk is 480 KB (491,520 bytes). X's file size is 405 KB (415,232 bytes) but its Size on Disk is 416 KB (425,984 bytes). I could be wrong however as I'm not sure if the file size filters were already there or not with Save Data Filer. Or for that matter if this is the actual problem. I'm not sure on the most recent file saved timestamp as I don't know what that looks for.
  4. That is a problem I hadn't considered. JKSM places save files in SD:/JKSV/Saves/[Title]/[slot Dir] Maybe by using JKSM's own date system? When exporting a save you can press the R button to name the folder with the date that it was exported. An example is: SD:/JKSV/Saves/Pokémon_Omega_Ruby\20160408@2139 Or would that be too hard to program?
  5. So... I would like to be able to auto-detect a main file from the folder used by JK's Save Manager, a homebrew replacement for Save Data Filer. So would it be possible to have PKHeX be able to do this? JK's Save Manager stores its saves in the JKSV folder on the SD Card. The github for the program can be found here: https://github.com/J-D-K/JKSM While the gbatemp thread for the program can be found here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/release-jks-savemanager-homebrew-cia-save-manager.413143/
  6. Ran into another bug with the legality checker, its possible for wild Pokemon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to have their hidden abilities outside of hordes through the use of the DexNav: http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/dexnav.shtml Pokemon such as Unown that don't have a hidden ability can also be obtained in the wild with one through the DexNav even if its just their normal ability as seen in this pk6 file.
  7. Here you go, I can upload more pk6 files if you need them.
  8. In the latest commit(ab92506), Pokemon Eggs obtained in a trade from another game are flagged as invalid because the met location for a traded Egg is "a Link Trade (Egg)" but the legality checker is expecting a met location of "(None)". Also as a feature request would it be possible to add support for loading and exporting main files in the folders created by JK's Save Manager seeing as PKHeX already knows to look for main files in the filer folder for Save Data Filer? http://gbatemp.net/threads/release-jks-savemanager-homebrew-cia-save-manager.413143/
  9. U.S. English Language 20th Anniversary Celebi
  10. U.S. Gamestop 20th Anniversary Mew: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c4bs2f6449zo419/Gamestop+20th+Anniversary+Mew.zip Proof: http://imgur.com/a/YGITd Seeing as attachments aren't working I've resorted to using Mediafire. Date for this Wondercard is 02/01/2016, didn't think to bring my camera with me to Gamestop so I hope the picture of the card with the serial code with my username on a piece of paper will be good enough.
  11. In the latest commit(c17cea9), PKHeX doesn't compile and instead gives this error message: CSC : error CS1617: Invalid option '6' for /langversion; must be ISO-1, ISO-2, 3, 4, 5 or Default
  12. In the latest commit(6b801e9), the Showdown Exporter doesn't properly export a Pokemon's Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed EVs. Special Attack has the Speed EV value, Special Defense has the Special Attack EV value, and Speed has Special Defense EV value.
  13. And after collecting one in game using the Wondercard from the Event Contribution thread to test it they are indeed correct it is 2 31s. My apologies, I guess the Wondercard Viewer wasn't programmed for that specific situation. Edit: Hang on... this Pikachu doesn't have a HP IV of 25. I'll need to do more testing real quick. Edit 2: Ok... after testing all 7 of the Global Link Pikachu event Wondercards from the Event Contribution thread none of them had a HP IV of 25. Seeing as you mentioned that 0xFD was new, is it possible that its not implemented correctly for the actual importing and or exporting of Wondercards from the Wondercard menu in PKHeX itself?
  14. Well... after testing the Pikachu Wondercard again in commit 0ff7c5c it almost works correctly but while the 0xFD fix has the HP IV of 25 it should have, the two random IVs are set to 31 even though they shouldn't be. I've been double checking with various Wondercards from the Event Contribution thread open in ScriesM's WC6 Editor/Viewer just to be sure: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?42746-WC6-Editor-(6th-Gen-Wondercard-Viewer)-(ORAS-support-added-12-11-2014) I think this Pikachu event is the only one so far to make use of the 0xFD value but I could be wrong. I'll keep looking for more bugs and post if I find them.
  15. It appears to have worked with the one exception after testing a few wondercards in the latest commit(9ac9739), the Pokemon Global Link Pikachu event with Endeavor: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?33343-Gen-VI-Event-Contribution-Thread/page24 It specifically has a Custom HP IV of 25 but when the wondercard is dragged onto pkhex it sets the HP IV to always be 31 instead.
  16. There is a slight problem with having 3 random flawless IVs as the default in that not all event Pokemon are meant to have them. Some events such as the recent Zoroark event are meant to have completely random IVs, while other events such as the recent Kotone Yasue's Shiny Tyranitar event are meant to have fixed IVs. Zoroark event thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?47684-OR-AS-Exclusive-Battle-Ready-Zoroark-(Exclusive-Move) Tyranitar event thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?47617-OR-AS-Kotone-Yasue-s-Shiny-Tyranitar
  17. I think it might just be the species base happiness value as the not OT friendship value is set correctly, heres a list of OT Friendship Values from some events I have: Beldum is 35 Serperior is 70 Emboar is 70 Samurott is 70 Dragonite is 35 Diancie is 70 Rayquaza is 0 Zoroark is 70 Hoopa is 100 Shaymin is 100 Keldeo is 35 Victini is 100
  18. Thank you, turns out I put free in all capitals by mistake. Just downloaded one to my X version just now.
  19. Commit 2839075, when turning a .wc6 file into a .pk6 file the friendship with the Event OT is always set to 0. This isn't always the case as using the Steven's Beldum Wi-Fi event as an example both OT and not OT's friendship is set to 35.
  20. Seeing as I heard reports of the McDonalds Hoopa's event activating early I stopped by to check and sure enough it was activated. Unfortunately my attempts at using Homepass to download Hoopa didn't work so I had to go get it manually, still I'm sure someone else will be able to figure out how to get that working. McDonalds' Hoopa.zip
  21. In the latest commit(7469150), PKHeX's Illegal mode can not be accessed as opening PKHaX.exe causes the program to not start and crash instead. Also while compiling this warning came up: "Misc\WC6.cs(8,29): warning CS0649: Field 'PKHeX.WC6.Size' is never assigned to, and will always have its default value 0" Not sure if this is a bug or not but thought I'd mention it anyway.
  22. Heres another bug report, in the latest commit (6cba50b), in the Trainer Data Editor window your BP amount won't save if edited and will just revert to what you had. Also in the Trainer Data Editor window the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds of in game time show up as 0 no matter how much in game time you actually have. I'm not sure if anything else is broken but I'll keep an eye out for more bugs.
  23. Thank you. The only other things I can think of for this would be to also add the Alt key shortcut for deletion and the right click Set option with its Shift key shortcut for adding individual pk6 files from tabs in case you wanted to add only one Pokemon to the database rather then all of them.
  24. Wish I had remembered this last night but oh well. Would it be possible to add the options for deleting a Pokemon found in the P.C. boxes to the PK6 Database?
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