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  1. EDIT***** Being the idiot that I am, I did not read the rules even though I thought I did. I'm very sorry for this. I didn't know there was a tutorial in the rules and now I feel stupid. Hello, I'm interested in learning to edit ROMs, but I have a problem. I don't know how to even get the ROM on my computer in the first place! Now, I know better than to post something without doing research first so I'm going to go ahead and say I've searched Google pretty thoroughly on the topic and even after thirteen pages on the search engine with various keywords, I still haven't found anything on the subject. It's even been giving me Shakespere and Bible texts that have absolutely nothing to do with Nintendo. I don't want to download a pirated copy, either; I just want to know how to make ROMs out of the games I already own. So, if anybody could send a link to a detailed tutorial on making ROMs, or even write one yourself, I would greatly appreciate that. Anyway, I currently have possession of at least one version of every game from Platinum on, a DSi, a 3DS, and an Action Replay DSi (the one with the yellow sticker). The computer I intend to use the ROMs on runs on Windows 7 Pro. I don't want to buy another console, though I do intend to buy a classic DS/DS Lite at some point in the near future, but I am willing to spend money on other equipment to make the ROM. I just don't want stuff that's insanely expensive. As far as what I already know about the topic goes, I know that I need to get a DS emulator of some kind, but I don't know which one is best. A link to download one anybody here finds to work well would be great, too. Anyway, thank you in advance to anybody who helps and your patience with Umberisk the somewhat idiotic newbie! :3 Also, sorry if I put this under the wrong category; I wasn't sure where this would belong as I'm still pretty new here (even though I joined up back in May I kind of forgot I had an account here until I searched my username out of curiosity and wound up back here). ^^" NOTE** If you know multiple ways to do this, please do shaaaare~ My curiosity is boundless, even if I will go for the easiest solution.
  2. Okay, thanks a bunch for all the help! And sorry for all of my late responses too, I'm trying to figure out how to Set a Pokemon in PokeGen.
  3. Okay. Thanks again for the help! Wait... what are flash carts? I'm sorry for asking so many questions, and thank you for being patient with me so far.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the help! Also, could you explain what a USB backup adapter is? Sorry if I sound stupid; it's the end of the year and my brain's kind of fried.
  5. Hello, I'm new here and not very advanced in hacking--I was wondering if you could clarify some things for me? (Yes, I know this is an old thread but it appears to still be active and I'm hoping to get some advice without clogging the forums with yet another topic) 1. What is homebrew? I looked up the definition and all that came up was stuff about homemade alcohol--I'm pretty sure you were not referring to that. 2. What do you mean by backing up a file? Do you mean restoring an old save file, or (an obvious meaning but, like I said, I don't know much about "hacking") saving said file as a back-up so that if yours is lost you can restore it, or...? 3. Is there a guide for Black 2 and White 2, or does this guide work for those as well? Sorry if I sound stupid, asking all of these questions, but I would like to know at least a little of what I'm doing before I jump right in and ruin everything.
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