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  1. Like said,a lot of people out there, like me, have not yet bought PokeBank, so this is a nice method for those without it. Thanks and this method is 100% success, obvious.
  2. Well, this sucks. D: I wish the events would hurry back up. .-.
  3. Yeah, and considering the way to use PowerSave is also a plus for those without carts. Maybe we should open a PowerSave Exchange for events like Diancie, etc.?
  4. I didn't know people have been doing this, I thought of this all by myself. Guess someone did before me, anyway, yeah, Smitty is right, but, what is possible, you can exchange corresponding (Pokemon X/PokemonY) PowerSave backups! Then people can apply the backup to their game! First, they would need to backup their current save game, then apply someone with the events to their cartridge, then trade the events over an IR Trade to another console, then restore back their previous save game, then trade the events to their game!
  5. I hope so, because then we could start seeing more competitive battles with Volcanion. Still looking for testers of this theory!
  6. I would think, they need to be clone over a IR Trade, then traded over Wi-Fi. EDIT: Follow this method on a offline trade. Then trade over Wi-Fi the clone.
  7. Yes, I would assume you can. Someone needs to test it first. I do not have any unreleased, so any takers?
  8. They would be great! We need to round up some people with them! This cloning method would also make it easy to clone multiple ones quickly.
  9. I do not sadly. The codes were taken down before I got to use them. :c If anyone has them, a clone would be great to distribute!
  10. I mainly clone things my friends and I are breeding. Item duplication isn't anything I do really, but I have both Pokemon X and Y so I like to keep copies of my Pokemon on both. Lol.
  11. I wouldn't consider myself very versed in that. I work more on internet languages, like HTML, CSS, etc. Not much for C+, etc.
  12. Yeah, I know that, but this is a great alternate for those who neglect to purchase a PokeBank Pass, like myself, I have not got around to it. Till then, this suffices. And, on note, if you were to make a clone of all 936 Box slots, and try to trade them back after you restore, you may want to upload them to PokeBank. Or have a additional game.
  13. I have a older account here, but I cannot remember the Login information, otherwise I could because I remember having PMs with him. I think it began with a W. I will see if I can log in to my old account and find it. EDIT: Okay, I found his name and I managed to log back into my previous account. His Username: willaien Here is a link to his Member Page: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/member.php?21479-willaien Hope this helps!
  14. Yes, he does! He has one here, I helped him once when Nintendo's servers updated a while back. I was more of the lab rat. I cannot remember his account name, but here is his contact information: leighshryock@yahoo.com
  15. I never have completed the original method using PokeBank & PowerSave, so this came to me. It works, I am using it at the moment right now! I would like maybe some other people to try it out, make it aware to the world.
  16. Oh! So like a external program? The guy at pokegts.us may be able to help!
  17. I am unsure if anyone else knows of this method, but It just came to me when I was researching for alternate ways to clone multiple Pokemon at once. Testing has been completed and this method is fail proof. It always works, but requires caution. Procedure is below. Info: You need to select the Pokemon you would like to clone. Depending on the time you wish to take trading, you can trade up to 936 maximum at a time, meaning you can clone 936 at one time. A PowerSave 3DS is required. Only one person needs it over Wi-Fi. If you perfom this task on your own, you will need one. Each person needs a 3DS console. (For Wi-Fi.) The method may also be done using your own, 2, 3DS systems. You will also need to have 2 copies of the Pokemon X/Y game. 1. Using your PowerSave 3DS, make a backup of your save game, a backup of the cartridge you are cloning the Pokemon from. I normally name mine something like,"Pokemon Y - Cloning Backup." 2. Collect the Pokemon you need to trade and trade them to another Pokemon X/Y game on another 3DS System. (The returning Pokemon from the trade should be something of no value as it will be deleted later on. we will refer to these as the "sacrifices.") 3. Save your game. (Both consoles.) 4. On the cartridge that has the "sacrifices", load your cartridge in the PowerSave 3DS Program, and restore the previously made backup from step 1. 5. Now, you should have a backup containing the previously cloned Pokemon written to your cartridge. 6. Trade the Pokemon, Clones, from the other console back to the console in which we restored the backup. You should now have complete legitimate clones of your Pokemon. The method is extremely helpful tot hose who cannot complete the PokeBank method. You can complete these steps for Wi-Fi cloning or cloning on your own 2 consoles. You must be careful with Wi-Fi cloning, make sure you can trust them.
  18. I think this is what PokeCheck is in the process of accomplishing. But we have not heard from them for a while.
  19. Personally, editing your entire Savefile would be great, but all I am seeking is a GTS Exploit for injection. Is it necessary to decrypt the AES for this procedure?
  20. Aw, I was thinking of MAC Addresses. Anyway, thanks for the search link! So, how hard is it decrypting AES MAC?
  21. Aww. :c Well, I will next time so I will not be a burden to the community. Anyway, so is that all that is left, is the MAC? Referring to the networking aspect of 3DS Software, in particular Pokemon X & Y, correct?
  22. Thank you so much! That is all I ever needed to hear. Besides your snide comment, I read the entire first page and maybe to the 2nd, I just didn't take time to understand it. Anyway, good luck on any further work.
  23. I didn't have time to invest in reading it, before you make your foolish assumptions. I would have read it, but half the people on here make no sense to me. Anyway, aside from that, I went and purchased a PowerSave today! Um, so, there is no way to edit pre-existing Pokemon on a save game back up? See, my plan was to just edit the Pokemon I already had on my game. I technically have no need to inject outside source Pokemon. I would like a answer that isn't confusing to me about that. Any other ways to edit your Pokemon from X/Y?
  24. This is fantastic work! I do have a few questions I would like answered very detailed: 1. What method can be used to edit Pokemon from a Physical copy of X/Y? Can you provide all the necessary things? PowerSave? 2. Injecting Pokemon that are not previously in the Save Game is still not implemented yet, correct? (Yes/No?) 3. Can I only edit Pokemon I have already on my game cartridge? 4. Can I edit IVs, EVs, Level, Items, Moves, etc.? I would love to have these answered in complete detail, I am sure other people would like to know the answers as well! :u I would like to know before I invest in a PowerSave. Anyway. thanks and good luck Bond! :u *Stalks his Twitter* eue
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