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  1. Hi, this is my collection of legit events in ESP: 511 - ¡Un Vivillon con Motivo Poké Ball! 515 - ¡Un Heracross muy duro de pelar! 523 - ¡Buuu! ¡Un Pumpkaboo! 524 - ¡Ah! ¡Un Gengar variocolor! (Serial) 525 - ¡El Pokémon singular Diancie! (Serial) 1503 - ¡Un Vivillon con Motivo Fantasía! 1504 - ¡Un Beldum variocolor! 1505 - ¡Un Serperior! (Serial) 1506 - ¡Un Emboar! (Serial) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2825971/ESP_events.zip
  2. Yes delete your game but you have a previous backup and restore it...
  3. Put your game in Nintendo 3DS Select the game and when select language apear close the game(Press Home and select Exit
  4. Read tree post before, http://x.co/4JBgp whit this you don't need hex edior...
  5. Hi: Try help make your partial decrypt save: 1.- Download: OSX: http://x.co/4JBf0 OR Windows: http://x.co/4JBgp 2.- Create a backup with PowerSaves 3.- Open backup with "Open SAV1" in app 4.- Press "Clean SAV1" 5.- Copy new file to your PowerSaves directory and remove "-Fixed" 6.- Restore fixed save 8.- Run game, go to selection language, and exit from the game 9.- Put your game in power saves and apply "Slot 1 x999 modifier code." 10.- Remove yor game and put again in PowerSaves and create new backup and named Keystream 11.- Open Keystram whit "Open SAV1" in app an open other save in "Open SAV2" 12.- Press "XOR ..." and the result can view with PKHeX NOTE: Mono requrired in OSX and .Net 3.5 in Windows
  6. Hi to mac users, ported interface to OSX and can you download here (Mono es required): https://github.com/swarzesherz/KeySAV/releases/download/OSX_1.0/KeySAV.tar.gz
  7. Hi to mac users, ported interface to OSX and can you download here (Mono es required): https://github.com/swarzesherz/BoxDumper/releases/download/1.0/MassDumper.tar.gz
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