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  1. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    Hi, this is my collection of legit events in ESP: 511 - ¡Un Vivillon con Motivo Poké Ball! 515 - ¡Un Heracross muy duro de pelar! 523 - ¡Buuu! ¡Un Pumpkaboo! 524 - ¡Ah! ¡Un Gengar variocolor! (Serial) 525 - ¡El Pokémon singular Diancie! (Serial) 1503 - ¡Un Vivillon con Motivo Fantasía! 1504 - ¡Un Beldum variocolor! 1505 - ¡Un Serperior! (Serial) 1506 - ¡Un Emboar! (Serial) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2825971/ESP_events.zip
  2. X / Y Save Help Thread

    Yes delete your game but you have a previous backup and restore it...
  3. X / Y Save Help Thread

    Put your game in Nintendo 3DS Select the game and when select language apear close the game(Press Home and select Exit
  4. X / Y Save Help Thread

    Read tree post before, http://x.co/4JBgp whit this you don't need hex edior...
  5. X / Y Save File Research

    Hi: Try help make your partial decrypt save: 1.- Download: OSX: http://x.co/4JBf0 OR Windows: http://x.co/4JBgp 2.- Create a backup with PowerSaves 3.- Open backup with "Open SAV1" in app 4.- Press "Clean SAV1" 5.- Copy new file to your PowerSaves directory and remove "-Fixed" 6.- Restore fixed save 8.- Run game, go to selection language, and exit from the game 9.- Put your game in power saves and apply "Slot 1 x999 modifier code." 10.- Remove yor game and put again in PowerSaves and create new backup and named Keystream 11.- Open Keystram whit "Open SAV1" in app an open other save in "Open SAV2" 12.- Press "XOR ..." and the result can view with PKHeX NOTE: Mono requrired in OSX and .Net 3.5 in Windows
  6. (X/Y) KeySAV - Box Data Viewer

    Hi to mac users, ported interface to OSX and can you download here (Mono es required): https://github.com/swarzesherz/KeySAV/releases/download/OSX_1.0/KeySAV.tar.gz
  7. (X/Y) Mass Dumper - Enhanced Box Data Viewer

    Hi to mac users, ported interface to OSX and can you download here (Mono es required): https://github.com/swarzesherz/BoxDumper/releases/download/1.0/MassDumper.tar.gz