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  1. I ban evandixon because that ban hammer was mine. We all have one.
  2. I ban evandixon for banning Midnightwolf who ban evandixon because of the banning of LEGOanimal22 who was banning Midnightwolf just for banning evandixon to post 11 hours ago when Midnightwolf was posting.
  3. Pokémon Omicron Well, this is my first GBA ROM hack, for sure. I'm still a newbie in ROM hacking, so I need help from everyone (who can help me). Now, no more speech, let's get to the intro. I'm still working on the storyline, so just wait. Here, at this point, I need your help. These are the positions I offer to you. Choose any of them here. Tile maker (I really need someone for this position!) Scripter (Actually I can do some of them, but to faster the hacking process, I need someone else to help me.) Box art, banner, title screen designer. Creative story maker (I will mix his/her story with mine ) Map designer Music composer (Who will make some of the music while I'll make more) I have did some of the hackings. I'll show you some later. Thanks for reading! EDIT : I forgot to tell that the Base ROM will be Pokémon Fire Red. Oh yeah, I just realized this after searching for some hacks to play. There's already a hack called Pokémon Omicron. So, I'm searching for another name now, and I'll change it ASAP.
  4. So, I'm making a (hacked) Pokemon game... And got idea on making a city where everything is upside-down. How can I make things to be upside-down? (The player is upside-down too. Even the battlefield.)
  5. Until one day, while traveling with his Charizard, he found a weird stone, which is now called Charizardnite X.
  6. He started to travel when he was ten, exactly after getting his first Pokemon from Professor Oak, which is a Charmander.
  7. Yeah, the title described it. You need to continue others' story. Example : The rules : No start-overs Never use bad words Use good grammar. (At least everyone can understand it.) Each post contains only one sentence for the story. That's all. Let me start now. About 274 years ago, there was a very great Pokemon Trainer.
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