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  1. Curious if there is a code that makes experience spread among all pokemon similar to x/y/or/as
  2. It would be damn near impossible for you to switch at this point because there is nothing nearing essentials for MV though it may be much easier to implement essentials in MV with javascript.
  3. Too bad you're using essentials I would have loved to see this made in RMMV with nice high res graphics plus that beutiful new scripting engine and multi platform support.
  4. So I made some modifications to meejle's national pokedex spread sheet Original. I changed it so that instead of using spaces it uses check boxes which I personally think heavily increases usability I've included both a version with no macros and with macros I used to make it if you don't know what they do you don't need them they are purely a developer thing. I might even add support for sun and moon when they come out depending on how I'm feeling. If you notice any issues let me know. I've found this extremely helpful especially since I changed it to check boxes. Be warned these check boxes and get a tad laggy though it shouldn't be to big of an issue as long as you don't do a lot of scrolling up and down quickly. Let me know if I overlooked something. Thanks guys for all the help I hope that this can in some small way pay back a little bit of that help even though I didn't make this from scratch. https://mega.nz/#F!i9BCRb7A!KJKIcE7ijGaeatNB5lA-Pw I basically copied this directly from my reddit post so I apologize for anything weird.
  5. If I have learned anything from being part of the modding community for minecraft. If you give people a robust common language to work with in a game for modding and or hacking and they don't know it they will learn it. In fact doing this might bring pokemon rom hacking even farther into the mainstream. I personally haven't done any major modding or programming I know enough python to do some basic scripting. But I know that people will flock to something as robust as complete control over the game like having a C++ dev kit. Also I feel this might open the field up to much better tools and map editors if all they have to do is basically write the files out in a standardized format then just run it through a compiler. So instead of the people programming these tools having to do the really heavy work they can focus on making a strong good looking tool for editing the roms. Good luck with this massive undertaking.
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