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  1. The guy who made Instacheck has been going on about how you can apparently travel to the world of the other game version and catch all of the non-legendary exclusives, is this true?
  2. In that case, I have absolutely no idea why it isn't working. For the record, though, the Internet browser bottom screen does not change color at all before the system crashes.
  3. It's not working for me either, but I have a feeling I know the reason: This requires the LoadCode file from the other exploits to be on the SD Card, right?
  4. Is there a way to have both the Pokémon-injecting code.bin AND the wondercard-injecting code.bin on the SD Card at the same time or do we have to replace them each time? Also, can this process multiple wondercards at once or is it one at a time like the Pokémon injector?
  5. Ah, I didn't know that. That figures. Thanks for answering anyway.
  6. If it's possible, would someone mind copying one of the Action Replay Powersaves 3DS codes and pasting it here? Specifically, the "Shinify" Pokemon in Box 1 code. I don't have the Powersaves device or the program yet, but I need the code to use as proof that Shiny versions of the XYZ trio exist in the game. I just need the code, nothing more.
  7. Does anyone happen to know some kind of code to receive the Lock Capsule as a Key Item in Black? Only code I found hacked it in as a normal item, so I can't use it.
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