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  1. The event is now live. Does anyone have a code for me to use so I can download the Gengar? Thanks guys. Please PM me a code. Thanks .
  2. Does anyone have a code for me to use? That is what I was asking. I have no way to get my codes where I live. My GAME STOP is not a big store in my mall.
  3. Is there anyone here that can PM me the code so I can get the Gengar event? Thanks . When it comes out?
  4. Just got mine this morning. Glad they are doing more Wi-Fi events. I have gotten more of these events than ever before. Cool .
  5. I got my Haracrossnite. Thanks guys. The code I used worked after the 31st. I used it yesterday. Thanks to all those that helped.
  6. My guess they don't expire. If they do they would have set a date by now wouldn't you guys think?
  7. Yeah see I can't find any expiration date either so I guess the codes can be used once anytime unless they do add a date soon. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Ok how do you guys know this because the code deadline is the 31st to obtain the Pokemon. I can't find anywhere on the internet how long the codes last. As far as I can see there is no deadline to use the codes unless you guys know something I don't know? Anyway thanks guys. If you know the deadline for sure please let me know. Thanks.
  9. Not sure if it is ok to bump this but does anyone know how long these serial codes last? I have a code but not sure when I can enter the code. Will it work past the 31st of August? Thanks in advance?
  10. If anyone gets the Pinsir and both stones please send me clones via Wi-Fi. Not sure when I can trade but right now I cannot. PM me when someone has all 3 things cloned after the 13th. Thanks .
  11. Why did TPC do it this way? They could have added the Mega Stones on the Pokemon when you downloaded the event. Why did they put those at Game Stop Stores? Makes no sense to release 2 separate events when they could have made it so the stones were attached items.
  12. Oh great. I can't get this event unless I find someone with a clone. Thanks anyway .
  13. Does anyone know if Worlds will make it available to users over the mystery gift as well for those that cannot make it? I know I will not make it. If not Could someone clone me a copy or something? Thanks .
  14. Is this the same one that will be coming out when the GTS reaches 100 million trades or is this one a different Vivilon event? I am asking because I don't want to get the 2 events mixed up. Thanks .
  15. Hmm.Let me try. I am on the computer ATM . EDIT: I tapped that link. The top one and it loaded the selected skin. How did it not recognize the selection when I select it from the settings menu? That does not load it when I have it selected. Weird. EDIT: 2 The site loads fine now but when and if I change skins in the future will this happen again? Thanks . EDIT: 3 I just tried a different skin on my tablet just to see if the skin would change and it says it is changing after saving but it does not do it and goes to the default forum setting. Is there a way you guys could send me the links to all skins or fix the style switcher so it works for tablets and phone? Thanks . I used your link to get the X/Y skin back and it is the only way to activate the skin. If I try to change to another skin it goes back to default on all skins .
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