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  1. Thanks so much! Almost had a problem since the L and R buttons on my ds are glitch (those buttons are always the first to go...), but I got it to work.
  2. Hi there, thanks so much for this info. I was wondering though if you could also go into how to dump your own GBA ROM? Is there a way to get my Pokémon Emerald or Fire Red ROM using my DS and acekard 2i?
  3. Oh! That is very helpful as well! Thanks so much! And I also got the dslite connected to my internet finally so that is working too. Thanks again. You guys have been incredibly helpful in getting me up and running again. ~Kronological
  4. I see. That's a bummer. I'll see what I can do with the dslite then. Thanks again. ~Kronological
  5. I may have to just buy the sms4. =P My dslite won't connect to our internet because it doesn't seem to support WPA2-PSK security settings. But my dsi won't load the acekard (it is an acekard 2i); it gives me an error message instead. Any idea what the problem is or how to fix it? =P I'm hoping Nintendo hasn't simply blocked flash kart usage on their newer systems.
  6. Ok great. I'll try that out. Thanks very much! I appreciate the quick reply!
  7. Hello ProjectPokemon, I just registered a new account here. I was a member a while back but I couldn't remember how to log on and couldn't find my activation email, so... Anyway, I needed to ask a question about good and trustworthy places to purchase ROM dumping hardware. I need a ROM of my heartgold so I can start to practice editing, and since it is illegal to download I am trying to learn to dump the ROM myself. evandixon's thread on "how to backup your NDS ROM the proper way" was very informative (http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?29832-How-to-backup-your-NDS-ROM-the-prope
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