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  1. Am I missing something because, yes, I can edit those effectively but I cannot open them like I would a .dst anyway?
  2. evandixon what do you mean by that? I have checked in my "Battery" folder and there are no .sav files in there. If you mean to make a .sav file I did, edited it, then tried to import it back in to Desmume and the import failed (I checked various options on the import screen and they all failed, even the 512bit option which was the size of my file). Could my ROM be bad, idk what is wrong at all.
  3. Stuff you might need to know: PokeGen 3.1.13 Desmume 0.9.8 HeartGold ROM .dst save file I open up my .dst save file while Desmume is running and then I make a Pokemon and set it in my second slot in my party. The second I press save again PokeGen shuts down unexpectedly with no message and my changes are not saved. I may be making a silly mistake and feel free to ask me for more information regarding this issue. I tried to upload my save state too but it is too large being 1.83 MB even when I compressed it into a WinRAR file. PokeGen_full..zip
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