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  1. Do you think i can get them for free? Because i dont have shinies and i dont want to give my legendaries.
  2. Hi, i dont have my nintendo switch hacked, but i want to get all teh avaible legendaries from gen 8. Is there a way to do this? Thank you
  3. Hi, i want to know if is possible to make your zygarde 100% for ever, cause mine returns to the original form after the fight.
  4. Hi, i was searching for a legit hoopa on the internet and found one, but on the pkhex is market as illegal. 720 - Hoopa - 119E00000000.pk7
  5. So with the new pkhex update the ban risk is very small now??
  6. Can someone confirm and say if someone has been banned with the pkhex??
  7. If i dont have my game synced can i get banned??
  8. are you guys working on the pkhex update?
  9. Well thank you guys, i think that im going to wait for the update. Anyway, if someone else wants to share some comments the thread is still open and all reading.
  10. Even if they are exactly like a normal pokemon, without fancy attacks or stats?
  11. If i use the pokemon bank can i get banned too?
  12. Hi, i have been waiting for the pokemon bank so i can hack some legendaries and looks less suspicious, but now i heard that they are banning a lot of people so i want to know if i could be banned for getting hacked pokemons and hacked items. Im not prettending to get pokemons with crazy stats or moves, i want some legendaries that looks as legit as posible and probably some masterballs and rare candys. I know that there is always a risk, but how hight do you think is the risk if i do this???
  13. Hi, does anybody know a page where with legal pokemon files ready for injection into ORAS thanks
  14. HI, i hear that you can inject pokemons va QR code, but i cant find any info. Is this true?
  15. Hi, if i bread my snorlax i get a munchlax?
  16. so what is your rarest pokemon that you have?
  17. thank you another question, do you know if you can get high level pokemons in the wonder trade? or just pokemons with a smiliar level.
  18. HI, how can i transfer my pokemons from black and white 2 to pokemon x and y thank you
  19. hi, is there an alternative of the pokegen for mac or any other editor for mac? thank you.
  20. awow thank you very much. Edit: looks like The requested Pokémon does not exist or has been deleted
  21. Thank you. But now my problem isi that i can´t remove the trash bytes, i try everything but i can´t if someone can remove the trashbytes i will be very thankfull. https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=3904087
  22. Thank you, i think that i mess my kindra, i don´t know if this is against the rules, but im trying to make a kindra, because in the pas i has a kindra in my leaf green version so i miss my kindra, but every time that i try to make a normal kindra with the pokegen the name is in a different language, and the OT name says something about the trashbytes. Im not making this kindra to use in online battles or something, also im using a the pokegen, that generetes pokemons, so i think that im not breaking the rules.
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