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  1. Hi there ! I've a problem with this hack rom. First of all, I just want to say this hack rom is amazing ! Its author has made an excellent job ! I've taken this hack rom to find Meloetta, because I want to chase this Pokemon. (I'm a shiny hunter, that's why). But, there is a problem. I've finished the game, I've beaten the Elite Four, I've caught Reshiram (my version is Volt White 2) and after that, I've caught Kyurem at Giant Chiasm. When you do these actions, a "veteran" appears in this grotto, that's right? But i don't find this guy, he's not appeared ! So, how can I catch Meloetta if I can't find this guy? Have you got a solution about that? Thanks guys !! (There are some mistakes in my text, sorry, I'm French ! =P)
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