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  1. Gen II Pokemon transferred to Gen VII with Egg moves(such as Pin Missile Forretress, Double-Edge Furret, Flame Wheel Raticate, and Leech Life Victreebel) flag the egg move as illegal. Additionally any Mismagius and Honchkrow that evolved from Gen II Misdreavus and Murkrow are flagged with the error "Analysis not available for this Pokemon". All other Cross-gen evolutions from Gen I-II games are treated normally. 020 - Raticate - FA83B06D019F.pk7071 - Victreebel - D9948C37CD84.pk7162 - Furret - 50ECCDE1972F.pk7205 - Forretress - 1115ABF05D8B.pk7429 - Mismagius - FD1DFAF115F5.pk7430 - Honchkrow - F5DABF0D675E.pk7 EDIT: These pokemon were bred in Gen II and transferred to Bank and later put into Ultra Moon. PKHex versions is 20200622
  2. As the title says, is there any way to see if a Shiny Pokemon will have the normal Stars or have Squares when brought to Gen VIII BEFORE sending them to those games? Also as the last few Gen VII and Let Go events seemly were all Pokemon that are transferable to Sword and Shield, are any of the Shiny ones (Solgaleo/Lunala and Necrozma from SM/USUM and the Krabby event from LGPE) coded to always generate PIDs to be star or square shiny or did they not plan that far ahead?
  3. 57 of the 63 Alcremie count as Legal in G-max form on PKHex, but for some reason the 6 non-Strawberry Sweet Vanilla Cream ones say "Invalid: Form argument is not allowed for this encounter" Is there something wrong here, because I could've sworn the Milcery event made all forms G-max capable.
  4. for some reason 2 Vivillon I have are flagged with a simple message of "Internal Error" I tried messing with them and changing the country/sub-region/3DS region to the US fixes it, but I'd rather not edit either of them if there isn't actually anything wrong with them (One is Garden Pattern from Scotland, UK, and the other is a Sandstorm Pattern from Bitlis, Turkey)
  5. A rattata I caught in on Let's Go Eevee on a unmodified switch isn't counted as legit when I traded it to Let's Go Pikachu on a modified switch to use PKHex. I was on route 1 and entered pallet town, a rattata spawned and walked almost into the town I ran back to catch it, so it says it was caught in Pallet town on its info instead of Route 1.. I'm not sure if other encounters on route 1 can have this happen, or if there are any other similar locations in the game where grass is right next to the entrance of another area that doesn't normally have Pokemon in it. But it says "cannot match encounter from origin game"
  6. For some reason Mismagius that evolve from VC Misdreavus count as illegal unless you give them their Hidden Ability, even though all Pokemon with only one ability never have that flagged. The Misdreavus count as legal beforehand, so it's only a quirk with its evolution.
  7. I still would like to know what the caught data is for a Pokemon bred in Crystal would be. I'm sort of OCD about this kind of stuff. It matches my Crystal save OT and ID so it should be set up as such.
  8. I want to make the Pokemon in a modified Crystal save as legit as possible, even if the data I want on them isn't used for the Gen VII transfer but only within Crystal itself. Pokemon caught in Crystal have a met location, met level, and time of day they were seen. How is this data stored for Pokemon bred from Eggs? Like I have a Faint Attack Ninetales that shares and OT with the save file's trainer. Because It cannot be transferred to gen1 without getting rid of faint attack, and was "hatched" in Crystal, what would be put into those 3 fields? I tried putting "route 34" "Level 5" and "Night" and various combinations there of and it flags the Egg moves it has (Hypnosis and Faint Attack) if anything is put into the location field. Do bred Pokemon only keep track of level and time of day? or none of them at all, because it even treats Pokemon with gen 1 only moves as legal with anything put in the level and time of day field, even though it is impossible.
  9. I know sheen doesn't do anything in ORAS but I was wondering if Pokemon that are fed Pokeblocks still get it, because Gen VI-born Pokemon with a Sheen greater than 0 aren't flagged.
  10. After the latest update, all Gen IV Celebi events are being flagged, even ones just dragged and dropped from the database The ones with Nasty Plot say "Invalid Move", and also say "Unable to match mystery gift to the database. Speaking of database, all of the Gen IV Celebi are gone from it, I had to use a zip file with Gen IV events in it. EDIT: The Gen IV Shiny beast events are being flagged for the same reasons. EDIT again: Okay, Gen IV events in general are being flagged
  11. I understand the Silvally since it's newish, but N's Darmanitan was released last gen,
  12. Basically I want to give my Gen III/IV Pokemon max contest stats. I want to put all of the possibly obtainable ribbons on a Pokemon I've had since Gen III that is currently in Moon, so it's less want to do this for any real effect and more for future-proofing if Contest stats ever become viewable again. Or did they remove the bits that store contest stats completely, unlike Gen V?
  13. As the title says, my X and Y save files lit up like a christmas tree when I uploaded their files to PkHex. Any Pokemon that had moves that were exclusive to ORAS(Move Tutors, Egg Moves, Level-up moves, ect) were treated as illegal.
  14. The Gen I and Gen II games do not keep track of illegal Egg Move combinations, like Amnesia + Confusion Tangela Additionally Amnesia Psyduck, Baton Pass Farfetch'd, and Earthquake Gligar seem to not care what their OT or ID is(Psyduck is always "STADIUM" with 02000, Farfetch'd and Gligar are always "Stadium" with 02000). Additionally it is impossible to generate a Shiny Pokemon in Gen 1, since wild Pokemon cannot have certain DV combinations in those games, which includes all combinations that would make them shiny when traded to Gen II. As such the only way to get Shiny Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo without glitches/ACE is Via Gen II PCNY events. They have the OTs of either "PCNYa". "PCNYb", "PCNYc", or "PCNYd" and the ID number is randomly generated. There is no way to get Shiny Mew in these games period(Celebi is possible via the Japan-only GS Ball Crystal event) In fact because Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo cannot be generated in Gen II in any way(All other Pokemon are either found natively in them or can be bred), there are numerous DV combinations that are illegal with them.
  15. Apparently editing your starter Pikachu in changes its hold item from Light Ball(which only the starter pikachu can have) to Berry(which all other Pikachu caught in Gen 1 have) when traded to Gen II. Is there any way to make it so editing the starter Pikachu doesn't alter its unique catch rate modifier(and thus its Gen II hold item)?
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