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  1. Thanks, I know where to get Evee, I'll have to find out where route 8 is then.
  2. Hello, My names Ben and I'm 13. Young? Yes, but it Pokemon so who cares. (Sorry just always been put down on Forums cause of Age). Been Playing Pokemon for 3 years I guess. Moved House, finally got a PC went on Youtube, Watched TV and Somehow I was playing Leaf Green. Played Some Emerald when I took a break and I thought Emerald was Leaf Green. Played Diamond and Pearl. Played Mystery dungeon. Played Ranger. Learned 3/4 of what I know from Lueroi. Youtube.com/Lueroi. Ask me anything you want to know and looking forward to this forum!
  3. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Hello!</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  4. Fire - Cause of Charizard Water - Cause of Blastoise Leaf - Cause of bellsprout... Nah Venusaur FTW!
  5. Zapdos, being electric and bird is good, I may not be be correct but since electric is SE against bird-type Zapdos being will make it non-effective. Am I Right? Sorry for posting in old thread
  6. Hey, Just started a new LG game and I planned out my team. My team is going to be; Venusaur, Jolteon, Gyrados, Vulpix, Eggator, Machamp. Ofcourse I have Venusaur, well Ivisaur but which first version of these Pokemon will I find first? - Ben
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