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  1. You could rename it something like "Bit by Bit" or "Inch by Inch", no? Similar meaning, and it fits in the box with spaces.
  2. If you can't understand even this much, maybe you should look into another game and wait for the official translation from Nintendo.
  3. And here we are... Anyway, I wanted to mention that I did a little translation on some of the files in the 0000 folder... I believe 0000/0000.txt through 0000/0006.txt, and 0000/0008.txt. Only bits and pieces, though, and I'm not sure if I even properly committed them... I've never exactly used Git before, lol. Anyway, I salute your efforts. YOU HAVE MY AXE-- er, my support.
  4. I need help with this. I somehow managed to end up making the Rocket Grunt at Cerulean Gym disappear from the bridge without being battled, which means I'm stuck not having battled Misty. So I need to set the flag which says the Rocket has been battled, so that I can encounter Misty at the end of Route 25. If anyone can help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it! I don't have my save file on me right now, but when I get home I'll upload it, if you like. Thanks in advance!
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